OnTrac Employees Donate Their Closets to Deliver Hope in Chandler

Posted on Apr 29, 2019 5:55:00 AM

OnTrac, a logistics company serving the Western United States, is a proud supporter of empowering its employees to give back to the communities in which they live and work. Recently, OnTrac held its annual internal clothing drive. Employees gathered clothes to be donated to Clothes Cabin a local non-profit who provides free clothing to people in need. Together, OnTrac employees donated almost 600 articles of clothing!

OnTrac and Clothes Cabin employees with OnTrac's donation.

 Just one of the life changing stories from Clothes Cabin was from a local Chandler citizen in need a job, who said, “I’ve been unemployed for seven months and there was no one else, who could help with clothes” OnTrac and its employees recognize the unique opportunity they have and are excited to use it to give back to those in need. Through Clothes Cabin, OnTrac’s donations have the ability to provide individuals within their service area the clothing they need to secure employment and to maintain a healthy and hygienic life style.

Non-Profit, Clothes Cabin storefront.

Clothing on racks at Clothing Cabin

Clothes Cabin is made possible by everyday people and organizations who are willing to help. Want to give back to the Chandler community? Clothes Cabin has many ways to help:

  1. Donate Money
  2. Donate Clothes
  3. Host a Clothing Drive
  4. Attend their annual fundraiser, No More Chilly Nights

Volunteer at Clothes Cabin

OnTrac employee donates to Clothes Cabin.

Want to learn more about Clothes Cabin?

Website: http://clothescabin.org/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ClothesCabin.

OnTrac’s employee morale and wellness program, OnTrac Proud was created to celebrate its diverse workforce while creating a small company feel within a large growing powerhouse. Monthly and yearly activities are arranged by the OnTrac Proud group include FUN Fridays, contests, meals together, and more charitable donation opportunities such as the clothing drive, backpack drive, and toy drive all of which go back to local charities to enhance the community. Looking to work for an organization with employees excited to give back to the community? Check out our Career Opportunities webpage: https://www.ontrac.com/careers

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OnTrac Helps Diamondback's Mascot Baxter Save Opening Day

Posted on Apr 5, 2019 12:11:59 PM

OnTrac is thrilled to be back for another year as a proud partner of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Through this partnership OnTrac has brought back a piece of history, the bullpen cart for a second year. Recently, OnTrac and Baxter, beloved mascot of the Arizona Diamondbacks, helped save the day for one very lucky fan.


Keep an eye out for the OnTrac bullpen cart at the games and tag OnTrac by using the hashtag #OnTracBullpenCart. Click the social icons below to connect with OnTrac!

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Determining the ROI on Adding Regional Parcel Carriers to Your Carrier Portfolio

Posted on Jan 10, 2019 6:31:43 PM

Article is republished from Parcel Magazine and written by OnTrac Vice President of Business Development Mark Magill.

Recent media outlets have reported a record high economic outlook and consumer sentiment that has led to ever increasing ecommerce parcel volumes. This growth rate has put great pressure on shippers to keep transportation costs in check while simultaneously gaining the necessary carrier capacity to serve their customers. Those massive parcel volumes have triggered higher parcel rates and accessorial charges, and have placed capacity constraints on what the national carriers can handle during Peak shipping season. Those factors have prompted many shippers to seek out alternative delivery methods.

An obvious choice would be the regional parcel carriers who deliver to multiple states and serve millions of consumers in concentrated geographical areas. They appear to be an excellent solution, simply because the very largest parcel shippers use multiple regional parcel carriers on a grand scale. However, just because Amazon uses regionals does that mean it will be a viable alternative for you? In this article, we will examine some of the factors that determine the Return on Investment (ROI) in adding regional carriers to your carrier portfolio.

First and foremost, you need detailed shipping data to accurately complete the analysis. To put it bluntly, “Data Is King!” If you want the most competitive rates from a regional carrier, it is vital to provide them with a two month shipping sample containing line item data with weights, dates and zip codes. If you really want to increase your ROI though, you should also provide them with street level delivery address information. This will enable the carrier to determine the delivery density of your shipment profile. Delivery density (the average number of shipments delivered to an address on a given day) is one of the main determinants of a regional carrier’s costs. If your data can demonstrate that your typical residential delivery order consists of 1.15 shipments being delivered per address, you can command a much better rate than if it was only one shipment per delivery. You may not be aware that this data is readily available on your national carrier invoice that you can download from their websites in Excel format. (When providing this data to a regional carrier, PLEASE remove the national carrier name and rates.) If you employ a freight auditor, they will have this information available for you as well.


Next, let’s take a quick look at how the national carriers structure their rates. In your national carrier contract you will almost certainly find the words, ”subject to all applicable minimums.” In plain English, this means the lowest price you will pay for a shipment is the Zone 2, one pound Ground rate. The 2019 tariff rate for this absolute minimum charge is now $7.85. This means that if you have a 50% discount on your rates, the net discount is mitigated by that minimum charge and consequently you will never get a straight 50% discount ($3.92.) Rather, the lowest price you will pay on any package is that $7.85 Zone 2, one pound charge, or whatever minimum charge you have negotiated. Check your math carefully. You may be surprised to find that your effective net discount is really only 25% when calculated using that absolute minimum charge. The good news here is that it is much easier to get relief on that minimum charge from a regional carrier than it is from the nationals. If you’re a high volume shipper, make it a goal of yours to get that minimum charge reduced by at least 20% from the regionals you contact. This is an easy way to reduce your basic package charge.

Now what about those accessorial charges that can easily add 50% to your total package charge? In the annual shipper surveys released by Parcel Magazine, the increase in accessorial charges is consistently listed as the shipper’s greatest source of irritation. Those additional fees for residential deliveries, extended delivery areas, dimensional weight, additional handling and large packages all put great pressure on a shipper’s budget and they are always looking for ways to reduce the impact of those fees. Reducing accessorial charges is also a quick way to rack up savings when adding regional carriers. This is very evident by looking at their websites. Some regional carriers don’t even assess a residential or a delivery area surcharge. (Voila! You’ve just achieved a 100% reduction in those charges.) The other regional carriers typically charge less than the national carriers for those additional charges and make it easier to negotiate them at a lower rate.

There is an old Bob Dylan song that says “You give something up for everything you gain” and that is certainly true when adding additional carriers to your portfolio. Let’s take a look at some of those additional costs so you will have an accurate perspective on the true ROI you can expect to gain. A key element is to measure what impact diverting volume will have on your national carrier’s contract. The national carriers (wisely) construct their shipping agreements so there are penalties like loss of discount if the parcel volumes shipped with them diminish. Pay close attention to this to determine your net effective savings in light of your national carrier discount structure.

What about the soft costs of adding alternative delivery methods? They are most certainly part of the equation. Additional carriers will necessitate additional dock doors. Do you have those doors available? How about invoicing? Each regional carrier will be invoicing you separately and there are administrative costs associated with that. There is also the training issue involved with preparing your customer service and shipping departments to effectively utilize your new carrier. Can you quantify how much that may impact your budget?


Another very important issue to address is integration. Specifically, how will you transmit the shipping data to the new carrier and how will you create a label for the packages shipped with them? If you’re using the shipping system provided by the national carriers, you will need to purchase an additional shipping software solution. Similarly, if you are using your own homegrown legacy system, there will be IT costs for the programming required to add another carrier. Thankfully, the price has come down considerably for shipping software and some solutions can be purchased for mere pennies a tracking number. Though there are certainly additional costs involved in integration, it should be emphasized that there is a built in benefit when you add a multi-carrier solution. The reason for this is shippers who single source with a national carrier and strictly use the shipping system provided by the carrier are in effect sitting ducks. Employing only one option gives your carrier great leverage over you and you should never allow yourself to be placed in that position. EVERY shipper should utilize some kind of multi-carrier transportation system and have at least one other carrier in place even if it just means having an account with the other national carrier and giving them just one percent of your business. This is self-preservation at its most basic level.

In order to fully balance the ROI of adding carriers, the faster delivery speed of regional carriers should be taken into account. The Amazon Effect is in full force and with the incredible amount of distribution centers they have operational, their customers can get two-day, next-day and even same-day delivery at no extra charge. Adding a regional carrier to your carrier mix can mitigate this advantage because the regional carriers provide a much larger next-day Ground footprint, usually offering next-day Ground delivery more than 400 miles from your shipping location. In comparison, the next-day footprint of the national carrier’s Ground service is only 200 miles. It doesn’t have to be Amazon you’re competing with, though. What if you are a plumbing supply company with a DC located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that competes with a company whose DC is located in New England? This means your competitor will provide next day Ground delivery to your mutual customers in Boston and you will be at a competitive disadvantage with the national carrier’s two-day Ground transit time. However, if you add one of the several regional carriers that serve the Northeast you can optimize your deliveries with the next-day regional Ground footprint that stretches from your Pennsylvania DC all the way to your customer in Massachusetts. It may be very worthwhile to take a close look at where your largest customers are located, and then determine if you can improve your transit time (and your customer experience) by adding a regional carrier with Zone 4 next-day delivery capability. This may help build customer loyalty and even increase sales.

Please do your due diligence and look at all factors involved in accurately determining the ROI in adding regional carriers. Compile the detailed data that will enable you to command the best discount, take a close look at your national carrier contracts, set pricing objectives with the regional carriers, and take a good look at the not so obvious factors like soft costs and integration. Putting all of these together will give you a clear picture of the best course of action for your company.

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13th Annual Toy Giveaway and Resource Fair Gets Help From OnTrac

Posted on Dec 20, 2018 12:30:00 PM

Republished article from the Fontana Chamber of Commerce.

When 1,000 toys headed to Fontana became stranded over 60 miles away OnTrac came to the rescue. Through a single phone call, a vehicle was on the road within minutes ready to pick up the presents and deliver them to Living Way Church for their 13th Annual Toy Giveaway and Resource Fair.


Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren received a phone call Thursday, December 13, 2018 making her aware of the presents stuck in the City of Vista. Through the Fontana Chamber of Commerce’s partnerships with local businesses who own trucks and trailers, Warren only made one call to OnTrac Senior Field General Manager Mike King to secure a truck.

“[OnTrac] responded immediately,” said Mayor Warren. “If we didn’t pick up the toys that day, the toys would have been donated to another organization. We had families depending on us and OnTrac saved the day.”


Not only did OnTrac pick up the presents, but King (dressed as Santa) and a team of employees arrived at the church to unload the truck.

“The Fontana Chamber of Commerce reached out to me and told me the person who was supposed to pick up the toys was not going to make it. This was at 2:00 p.m. and the toys needed to be picked up before the end of the day,” said King. “At OnTrac we are equipped to handle unexpected delivery issues. I was planning to visit my sites dressed as Santa on Friday, so I offered to come along and deliver the toys to the church too.”



The toys were needed for the 13th Annual Toy Giveaway and Resource Fair where hundreds of low-income families receive groceries, toys, and other support.

“Everyone was so surprised,” said Mayor Warren. “We were just grateful to Mike and his team, but when they all showed up to help unload…and to see Santa himself as part of the effort…well, that just proved Christmas miracles really do happen.”

Additional Source: Inland Empire

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OnTrac Wins the 2018 Diamondbacks Most Valuable Partner (MVP) Award for Brand Integration

Posted on Dec 19, 2018 11:02:11 AM



2018 has been an exciting year for OnTrac partnerships! Teaming up with the Arizona Diamondbacks, OnTrac helped bring back a piece of baseball history, the OnTrac Bullpen Cart. The D-backs were the first team in Major League Baseball to reintroduce the Bullpen Cart as a way to transport relief pitchers and other bullpen items to the mound and dugouts. Since the debut, other MLB teams have followed suit. This unique partnership has been featured in media outlets around the globe, such as ESPN, Forbes, Sports Illustrated and Yahoo! Japan. Custom videos were created to debut the cart on the OnTrac website and in multiple D-backs team videos too. Replica toys and media assets have been created of the OnTrac Bullpen Cart.


Due to OnTrac’s involvement with the bullpen cart, the Diamondbacks awarded OnTrac with the Brand Integration Most Valuable Partner (MVP) award for 2018. Thursday, November 29th, 2018 was the 8th Annual MVP awards hosted by the Arizona Diamondbacks. This event was developed as a way for the Diamondbacks to recognize their corporate partners whose marketing and promotions make a lasting impression.

In accepting the award, OnTrac President Rob Humphrey said, “It’s been an amazing experience. It’s a wonderful opportunity and a great fit for our company. That is what we do, we deliver.”


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10,249 Cans of Food Donated by OnTrac to St. Vincent De Paul

Posted on Nov 21, 2018 10:00:00 AM

OnTrac Hits a New Milestone for the KNIX Million Can Crusade with Largest Company Donation

11.21.18 Million Can Crusade Finale (3)

OnTrac bypassed their annual goal of 8,000 cans and hit a new milestone. OnTrac exceeded the 10,249 canned food mark for the 11th annual 102.5 KNIX Million Can Crusade, which helped to raise 2,387,965 cans of food in total for St. Vincent de Paul. Each year the goal of Million Can Crusade is to collect one million cans of food for hungry families during the holiday season. With the $2,000 donation at the event kickoff, which is equivalent to 20,000 cans of food, OnTrac donated a total of 30,249 cans of food.

The month of November is dedicated to the Million Can Crusade and helping those in need. Starting on November 1st, OnTrac employees at the Corporate Headquarters and two Phoenix facilities collect canned food until the finale event on November 21st. The night before the finale event, OnTrac employees came together to load the 10,249 cans of food into an OnTrac truck for the delivery at the 102.5 KNIX Million Can Crusade finale where they delivered the cans to St. Vincent de Paul.

11.21.18 Million Can Crusade Finale (4)

“We are grateful for partners like OnTrac who support our mission, especially around the holidays, when the needs are greater than ever,” said St. Vincent de Paul Executive Director Steve Zabilski. “Their support helps us fill thousands of food boxes for hungry families, who otherwise would have nowhere else to turn for help.”

Additional information about St. Vincent de Paul and the people they help is as follows:

  • Last year, St. Vincent de Paul’s volunteers delivered over 400,000 food boxes to hungry individuals and families.
  • Every day, St. Vincent de Paul’s central kitchen prepares over 4,000 nourishing hot meals.
  • St. Vincent de Paul operates five dining rooms across metro Phoenix, from Mesa to downtown Phoenix to El Mirage.
  • According to the Association of Arizona Food Banks, about 1 in 5 Arizonans struggle with food insecurity.

11.21.18 Million Can Crusade Finale (7)

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OnTrac Receives the Prestigious Community Impact Award

Posted on Nov 19, 2018 11:31:00 AM

Regional Logistics Company Honored at the Arizona Corporate Excellence Awards Ceremony

OnTrac received three distinctions at the 25th Annual Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) Awards event hosted by the Phoenix Business Journal (PBJ.) For the third consecutive year, OnTrac has been recognized as one of the Top 50 and Fastest-Growing Top 25 privately held companies in the Greater Phoenix area. For 2018, OnTrac was honored as the 20th fastest growing company and the 9th privately held company in Arizona. To top off these high distinctions, OnTrac was honored as the winner for the Community Impact award for 2018. The Community Impact award recognizes an organization which has together, with their employees, given back to the communities in Arizona for the greater cause; in form of volunteer work, and/or charitable contributions.

 11.19.18 Community Impact ACE Award_On Stage Photo (1)

The award ceremony took place yesterday on Thursday, November 15th, 2018 from 5:30 pm to 9 pm at the Scottsdale Performing Arts Center. The event started with a cocktail reception and a buffet dinner. Followed by the ACE awards presentation and company rankings. The specialty awards were presented and OnTrac Public Relations Manager Katrina Fox accepted the Community Impact award on stage from CliftonLarsonAllen Managing Principal Steve Jenkins. Lastly, the event concluded with a cocktail reception and a dessert bar. To view the video played at the event please watch below. The video is provided by the Phoenix Business Journal and KB Woods Public Relations.


“Together as a team, OnTrac is delivering hope to the communities in which we live and grow throughout our eight-state footprint,” says Laura Peterson, OnTrac vice president of marketing and public relations. “Some of the ways that we deliver hope to others is by corporate donations, community outreach, and employee volunteerism. We enjoy partnering with multiple organizations in order to affect a greater population and make a difference for our community, our employees, and our customers. Whether OnTrac is investing in today’s youth for tomorrow’s leaders or building awareness for a cause that gives hope and support, we are able to come together as a team and make a greater impact. Through our involvement with 29 charitable organizations, we’re able to relate to OnTrac employees through a variety of causes that are important to them, while providing multiple opportunities to get involved. For example, OnTrac provides opportunities for employees to get involved by donating their time through a physical activity or volunteerism. OnTrac also organizes various drives for employees to get involved by donating actual food, clothing items, and school supplies to name a few.”

Most recently, OnTrac has found a way to help those suffering from the wildfires in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. With an estimate of at least 10,000 wild animals and pets displaced from the Woolsey and Hill Fires near the Ventura-Los Angeles County line, and the Camp Fire in rural Butte County, the OnTrac Ventura Facility has collected and provided water, towels, and blankets to the Humane Society of Ventura County and Ventura County Animal Services. For more information for how you can contribute to the Humane Society of Ventura County or Ventura County Animal Services, please follow the respective links; https://www.hsvc.org/ and http://www.vcas.us/.

Chandler 100-OnTrac

In addition to receiving recognition at the 2018 ACE awards, OnTrac has received two additional awards and a nomination this fall. Transport Topics ranks the 100 largest for-hire carriers in North America, which OnTrac ranked number 5 among the top package/courier carriers and ranked number 57 for all sectors. Companies operating in the United States and Canada are ranked on the basis of annual revenue. Additionally, OnTrac was ranked as 41 at the 2018 Chandler 100 event, which ranks the top 100 businesses located in Chandler, Arizona. The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) nominated OnTrac for the 2018 Company of the Year Large award at their 7th Annual Existing Industry Awards ceremony.


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2018 California Wildfires: What We Can Do to Help

Posted on Nov 15, 2018 2:15:49 PM

The 2018 California Wildfires have devastated both the Northern and Southern parts of the state at record breaking impacts for the second year in a row. In Southern California, the Woosley Fire has had the most devastating effect encroaching in highly populated areas in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. Ventura specifically was hit hard last year, not only with the fires, but also with a record amount of rainfall that caused even more devastating avalanches and floods displacing many families and lives. The outpour in the community that continues to get ravaged has been tremendous for the local Fire Team for Cal Fire, Ventura County Fire Department, and Los Angeles County Fire Department. The Los Angeles County Fire has urged the community that any public service or donation be referred to their website for contribution or to local charity.


The community that has been hit the hardest are those in very mountainous and dense populations of Malibu and the surrounding areas. Many of these homes contain a vast amount of animals both at the homes and on farmland. Ventura County has 11 major Animal Evacuation Centers, half of which are at capacity. It is estimated that at least 10,000 more wild animals or pets have been displaced from the Woolsey and Hill Fires, both near the Ventura-Los Angeles County line, and the Camp Fire in rural Butte County, about 500 miles to the north. Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control said that about 700 animals, including 550 horses, nine cows and at least one tortoise, are in their care. In neighboring Ventura County, the public shelters have taken in 56 horses, 30 dogs, 25 cats, seven chickens, six rabbits, four goats and a bird by late Monday morning. Many of these shelters run very thin on supplies needed for care, especially for the larger animals that would normally not be in their care. The OnTrac Southern California Operations team including Ventura General Manager Frank Scordia, Ontario General Manager Michael King, and Regional General Manager Michael Kerper spent the day dropping off pallets of water to the Humane Society of Ventura at the horse boarding location in Ventura near the racetrack, as well as donating towels and blankets to the Ventura County Animal Services for the huge influx of animals needed to keep clean and warm. If you would like to help these organizations, please consider visiting their websites for more information. The Humane Society of Ventura County can be found here: https://www.hsvc.org/. The link to the Ventura County Animal Services is here: http://www.vcas.us/.


If you would like to help the victims of the 2018 California Wildfires, but don’t know how please consider researching the various causes and charitable organizations first to learn how they can use your help. Some organizations are asking for monetary donations only. If supplies and volunteering is how you’d like to help, there are other organizations who are accepting help that way too. The New York Times has published an online article with multiple organizations who are needing help. Please click this link for more information. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/11/reader-center/california-fires-how-to-help.html.


Here are some statistics of what Southern California has incurred as of Tuesday afternoon, November 13th, 2018:

Since this fire started on Friday, November 9th, 2018, the three major fires that have impacted Ventura County are the Woosley Fire, Hill Fire, and Peak Fire. The Woosley Fire has burned more than 96,314 acres and is still at only 35% containment. This has caused devastation throughout Ventura County and prompted the evacuation of over 260,000 residents, many of which still have not returned to their homes. The Hill Fire has burned over 4,500 acres and is currently at 90% containment. The Peak Fire was set off yesterday and burned 186 acres before quickly contained by Cal Fire, but prompted a shutdown of the 118 freeway for a brief period of time and caused a lot of concern to the residents of Simi Valley. There are 3592 personnel working the fires with 619 fire trucks continuing to battle the blaze that is increasing with the higher winds thru Tuesday afternoon.


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OnTrac Kicks Off the 11th Annual 102.5 KNIX Million Can Crusade with 20,000 Can Donation

Posted on Nov 1, 2018 10:00:00 AM

OnTrac is excited to dedicate the month of November to the 11th Annual 102.5 KNIX Million Can Crusade canned food drive to benefit St. Vincent de Paul. For the eighth consecutive year since 2011, OnTrac contributes towards the goal of collecting one million cans of non-perishable food to feed hungry families during the holiday season.

11.1.18 Million Can Crusade_Check Presentation_PHOTO

At the kick-off event on Thursday, November 1, 2018, OnTrac joined the community to present a check for $2,000 towards the ultimate goal. Every dollar donated to the Million Can Crusade is equivalent to 10 additional cans in the St. Vincent de Paul’s community food pantries and ultimately into food boxes that are delivered to hungry families. The greater Phoenix community can participate by donating until Wednesday, November 21, 2018 at Safeway and Albertson’s stores. Please click here for all locations and to make a monetary donation.

“In 2017, the KNIX Million Can Crusade broke records with over 2.3 million cans for St. Vincent de Paul, and OnTrac broke their own records with over 24,000 cans of food from a monetary donation and employee collected cans between our Phoenix facilities and Corporate Headquarters,” says Laura Peterson, OnTrac vice president of marketing and public relations. “This year, we hope that OnTrac continues to break records while helping KNIX raise the bar yet again.”

In addition to the donation to St. Vincent de Paul, OnTrac is a proud supporter of giving back to the communities where employees live and serve. Since 2014, OnTrac has given monetary donations equaling approximately $100,000 to a variety of charities within their eight-state footprint. Some of these great causes include the American Cancer Society, Arizona Humane Society, Container Recycling Institute, Habitat for Humanity, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Miracle Corners of the World, Red Cross Disaster Relief, Salvation Army, Toys For Tots, Treasure House Phoenix, Tyrann Mathieu Foundation, and the United Ostomy Association of American. To learn more about OnTrac’s charitable giving, please click here.

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A Dependable Shipping Partner for Peak Season

Posted on Oct 31, 2018 11:56:25 AM

Peak season preparation is always on the mind of logistics and retail professionals. With the rise of e-commerce, and high demand for quick and efficient shipping, it is never too early to start peak season preparation. Summer is in the rear view mirror and the holiday season is just around the corner. For retailers and logistics professionals, this is the busiest time of year.

As Thanksgiving approaches, online traffic begins to surge and sales rise quickly. Holiday shopping often follows patterns and is tied to specific events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, which are taking place earlier this year.  For most retailers, this is their busiest time of year and for some it represents a generous portion of total annual sales. Peak season can help determine if the year will be successful both in the retail and logistics world.


These key holiday shopping days are approaching quickly, and company’s need to ensure a smooth transition into and throughout peak season. Consumers have taken on an instant gratification mentality, and retailers are doing their best to keep up. The key to retailers having a successful peak season is having a dependable logistics company by their side.

iStock-95892067-11 ConvoyBlur-1

A dependable logistics company like OnTrac is a faster, more affordable alternative to the National Companies’ Ground Service. Businesses both large and small can rely on the OnTrac logistics network to speed up ground services, without additional costs. Consumers waiting for packages at home can count on OnTrac’s real-time tracking system for notifications and updates.

Guy with Package

Small parcel shippers can rely on OnTrac as an alternative to National Carriers, and to help get through the peak season. Logistics companies like OnTrac are a core component of an efficient last-mile strategy; giving businesses the services they expect from the National Carriers without sacrificing flexibility, professionalism, and cost.

No need to wait any longer, follow the link to compare Ground Services, and see how OnTrac can save you time and money. Fill out the form on the bottom of the page to receive your Logistics Analysis, and start saving with OnTrac now! http://ow.ly/e9Nm30mrNsS


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