3rd Annual Relay for Life Event

Posted on Mar 26, 2018 12:00:00 AM

OnTrac surpassed last year’s fundraising total for the American Cancer Society (ACS) at the third annual OnTrac Corporate Relay for Life event. The event was hosted at the OnTrac Corporate Headquarters in Chandler, Arizona on Thursday, March 15, 2018. Similar to previous years, OnTrac employees participated by walking laps around the front of the office building at Continuum Business Park. However, this year the event was open to the public and members of the community joined the 162 participating OnTrac employees by raising awareness and funds to find a cure for cancer.

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“As a neighboring business to OnTrac here at Continuum Business Park, our employees couldn’t wait for the opportunity to participate in this event and help the American Cancer Society,” says Brian Stock, senior vice president at Mr. Cooper. “Our team members walked a total of 32 laps to help increase the overall donation from OnTrac in support of this incredible cause. We are grateful for the opportunity to support each other and the community.”

Kicking off the event was a leading lap walked by cancer survivors and caretakers to unite and join together in a celebration of life. The lap was approximately .4 miles and went along the perimeter of a large pond. In order to spark some friendly competition, the employees were divided up into teams of no more than 15 individuals. The winning team walking a total of 120 laps, or 48 miles. OnTrac welcomed an individual from the community who walked 33 laps, completing the equivalent of a half marathon in the four hour time period.

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The American Cancer Society also attended the event and joined in on the fun to help spread the word on cancer prevention. “I am one of the cancer survivors here at OnTrac and being a part of a special day like this is a great reminder how important it is to support one another in the community and at your place of work,” says OnTrac Vice President of Human Resources Dan Cronk. “Hopefully, by having the American Cancer Society here and spreading awareness to their cause, it will give others a greater sense of hope to fight the disease if they or a loved one is impacted.”

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The total number of laps completed were 820, which equaled 328 total miles walked. Based on $2 per lap, $1640 was donated to ACS for cancer research. To learn more about OnTrac’s charitable giving, please visit their website, ontrac.com/compprofilecommunity.asp. To make a contribution to the American Cancer Society please follow this link, relayforlife.org/ontracaz.


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