A Dependable Shipping Partner for Peak Season

Posted on Oct 31, 2018 11:56:25 AM

Peak season preparation is always on the mind of logistics and retail professionals. With the rise of e-commerce, and high demand for quick and efficient shipping, it is never too early to start peak season preparation. Summer is in the rear view mirror and the holiday season is just around the corner. For retailers and logistics professionals, this is the busiest time of year.

As Thanksgiving approaches, online traffic begins to surge and sales rise quickly. Holiday shopping often follows patterns and is tied to specific events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, which are taking place earlier this year.  For most retailers, this is their busiest time of year and for some it represents a generous portion of total annual sales. Peak season can help determine if the year will be successful both in the retail and logistics world.


These key holiday shopping days are approaching quickly, and company’s need to ensure a smooth transition into and throughout peak season. Consumers have taken on an instant gratification mentality, and retailers are doing their best to keep up. The key to retailers having a successful peak season is having a dependable logistics company by their side.

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A dependable logistics company like OnTrac is a faster, more affordable alternative to the National Companies’ Ground Service. Businesses both large and small can rely on the OnTrac logistics network to speed up ground services, without additional costs. Consumers waiting for packages at home can count on OnTrac’s real-time tracking system for notifications and updates.

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Small parcel shippers can rely on OnTrac as an alternative to National Carriers, and to help get through the peak season. Logistics companies like OnTrac are a core component of an efficient last-mile strategy; giving businesses the services they expect from the National Carriers without sacrificing flexibility, professionalism, and cost.

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