Need to Schedule a Pickup?

Posted on Oct 24, 2009 12:05:00 AM

If you don't need a pickup every day, some shippers opt for scheduling pickups just on the days that they need them.  This saves the shipper time and money. Picking up a package

Here are some of the items to think about when scheduling a pickup:

1)  How large is your shipment?  If you have a large piece, a pallet or a large volume of packages, your shipment may require a different vehicle or an additional vehicle.  A quick call to customer service is always helpful to ensure the right vehicle arrives to pickup your shipment.

2) When is your package ready for pickup?  As soon as you know your packages will be sent out that day, please call for a pickup. 

3) Is there a two-hour window available for the pickup?  Carriers are typically in certain areas at certain times of the day.  If a driver has already completed an area, a two-hour window allows him time to return to the area to pickup your packages.  Keep in mind, your two-hour window needs to be before your business closes for the day. 

Many carriers have an easy and efficient option of scheduling pickups online or you can call the customer service department.  Either way, keeping the items in mind above will help ensure your pickup goes smoothly. 


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