And, the "Share the Love" winners are....

Posted on Feb 19, 2010 4:30:00 PM

Thank you to everyone that participated in the "Share the Love" contest!  We had so many great stories about OnTrac and "different" packages that have been shipped.  Some packages were strictly for business and some were of a more personal nature.   

Thank you to everyone that participated and commented on the blog.  We appreciate it and were happy to see that the feeling is mutual with many of you.

With so many great stories, we decided add a few things to our contest.  We are still awarding the red iPod nano.  But we have two runner up stories as well that will receive $50 in American Express Gift Cards.  And everyone else that submitted a "Share the Love" story will receive an OnTrac 1G Flash Drive. 

So, the winner of the red iPod nano is....

Jake Greidanus from 1.800.RADIATOR!Jake Greidanus from 1800 RADIATOR 

Here is Jake's winning story:

OnTrac always make our franchise the hero of the day. We will get calls late from other warehouses to ship out parts because they know and trust myteam to make it happen. This, in turn, puts dollars in both of our pockets. Your competitors simply can not compete with the flexibility and willingness of your Visalia Team! Also, my HIGHEST respect and praise for Lucy and Becky- they have an awesome attitude and work ethic. They go above and beyond whenever we ask!  -Jake  Thanks, Jake!

When we spoke to Jake about winning the iPod, he said that he truly appreciates how flexible our service is and loves the fact that we can work together so harmoniously. He says some of his customers refuse receiving FedEx packages because of their historic damage rate and whenever he uses OnTrac he doesn't need to worry because it's all good.  Thanks again, Jake!

Our two runner up stories are:

1) I work for a national medical distributor, last week at our yearly meeting we started to compare shipping numbers and dollars, which was a new thing for us. My region stood out from the others. Not just in numbers, but in dollars. Ontrac made me look so good, I'm now in charge of planning our companies shipping operations going forward. I was literally seen as someone ahead of the game and the envy of every other Regional Manager due to Ontrac's incredible service and pricing. As companies are incurring reduced margins, the type of savings a company like Ontrac can add to the bottom line are invaluable.  -Tim R.

2) A few months back, I received a call from one of my co-workers. She asked me if she could send out a personal package. I let her know that as long as she paid for it, then yes. She came up to the front and handed me the package filled with photos and little trinkets. I noticed she had tears in her eyes. She told me that the box was for her husband who was to deploy from a base here in California and she wanted him to have these items to give him a sense of home wherever he was. I was fighting back tears while putting this package together, and I have to say that was the best package I have ever sent out with you guys. -S.T.

These two winners will receive $50 in American Express Gift Cards.  And, since we wanted to "Share the Love," everyone that commented will receive a 1GB OnTrac Flash Drive.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for "Sharing the Love!"

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