Celebrate Earth Day! Recycle with OnTrac & Receive a Free Eco-Tote

Posted on Apr 21, 2010 3:31:00 PM

Earth Day

is designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. In the United States, Earth Day is celebrated each year on April 22nd.  In an effort to do something good for the environment, OnTrac has taken action to initiate recycling programs with our customers.  Thank you to all who participated in our Cell Phone Recycling Program as it was a great success!  Since this program was received so well by our customers, we'd like to present you with another chance to recycle.    If you have any used or unwanted printer toner cartridges and would like to help out on Earth Day, then please recycle these items with OnTrac.

In an era where it's important to monitor our carbon footprint and increase our conservation efforts, it's imperative to be aware of our role in the condition of the environment. For instance, did you know that over 375 million empty toner and ink cartridges are thrown into the trash every year and nearly 25 million of those cartridges go to landfills each month?  Or that the plastic used in printer cartridges are made of an engineering grade polymer that has a very slow decomposing rate which can take more than ten centuries to biodegrade?  That's over one thousand years!

This mountain of waste can be reduced through reuse and recycling.  In fact, by remanufacturing toner cartridges, we can save over 38,000 tons of plastic and metal from ending up in landfills.  Not only does this trash pile up in landfills, but ink cartridges may also leak printer ink which can pollute the surrounding environment.  It can often require more than 3 quarts of oil to produce just one laser cartridge.  By recycling printer cartridges, we also conserve the natural resources and energy used to manufacture these items by reducing the need for virgin materials, or non reused parts.

The recovery, reuse and recycling of these empty cartridges can also save tax dollars.  Since we all pay taxes for landfills through waste management costs; that is something that everyone can appreciate.  Above and beyond that, you'd be doing something good for the Earth and for your community.  By purchasing and returning printer cartridges, you're supporting the local economy as the remanufacturing business employs thousands of people spread out over many smaller and locally owned companies.

OnTrac is offering to collect, recycle and dispose of your empty cartridges with no cost to you. You can recycle cartridges from copiers, printers and fax machines. We will not receive any profits for recycling or collecting these cartridges.  In fact, all credits received by recycling these items, will go directly to Habitat for Humanity which will be used to help build homes for under-privileged and homeless families.  Habitat for Humanity has built over 350,000 houses around the world, providing more than 1.75 million people in 3,000 communities with safe, decent, affordable shelter. So, as an added contribution for such a charitable cause,

All you have to do is send us an email at Marketing@OnTrac.com and tell us you'd like to recycle your used cartridges.  We will take care of the rest by sending you a free waybill and polybag to send us your cartridges.  OnTrac will ship these items to the appropriate destinations.  We will handle all the shipping services, proper salvage methods and all cost involved in the recycling of these items.  Additionally, every person who recycles through OnTrac will receive their own Eco-Friendly bag which can be used and reused as grocery bags, for school books, gym bags, shopping and more.

Join OnTrac and the many businesses, organizations, government and individuals who are doing their part by donating their old or empty laser toner and inkjet printer cartridges.  These empty cartridges are providing relief and much needed support to local non-profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

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