Your Questions.. Answered

Posted on Feb 3, 2011 4:29:00 PM


At OnTrac, our top priority is to provide outstanding service to all of our customers. Below is a list of some of our most frequently asked questions.

What does “not yet tendered to OnTrac” mean?

“Not yet tendered to OnTrac” is the phrase used when a sender creates a shipping label and a tracking number is generated, but OnTrac has yet to receive the package from the sender. The next scan you will see on your tracking information is “OS” or “Origination Scan,” this means that your package is now in the possession of OnTrac.

What is declared value?

Declared value is when a customer tells OnTrac the value of their shipment and pays to insure it.

  • OnTrac covers the first $100 on each shipment.
  • An additional charge is applied for insuring a package per $100 of insurance after the first $100.
  • The maximum allowable insurance per shipment is $25,000.

Please visit our Terms page for more information. To insure your package for more than $100, please call customer service at 800.334.5000.


How can I pickup my package from your facility?

You may pick up your package at your local facility. To make arrangements and to find out when your package will be at the facility and available for pickup, please call customer service at 800.334.5000.


Can the driver Re-attempt delivery today?

For shipments sent with the Sunrise Service, if the first delivery attempt is made before the posted business hours, we will re-attempt delivery on the same day if requested by the recipient.

If your OnTrac driver is unable to make a re-attempt on the same day, there will be another delivery attempt on the following business day. OnTrac will attempt to deliver your package on 3 separate business days before the package will be returned to the sender.

What is 2-day transit?

When a shipment is listed with a 2-day transit time it means that the package will take 2 business days to reach the recipient. For example, if OnTrac picks up a package on Monday with a 2-day transit time the recipient will receive the package on Wednesday.

For additional information, contact Customer Service at 800.334.5000 or visit our FAQ page.