Shipping to a Residential Area? It Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune.

Posted on Sep 1, 2011 12:52:00 PM

Times are changing: the e-commerce world is booming, and more people are buying online. If you are a business that ships to residences, you most likely have a dilemma on your hands: rising costs of shipping from your carrier, and rising expectations for speedy deliveries from your customers. Keeping everyone happy is driving up your costs—something no one wants to see.

OnTrac Residential Delivery

OnTrac can help you boost your bottom line by giving you an affordable way to ship quickly. In the end, you’re happy to save money, and your customer gets their package a day faster than the other guys in most cases. OnTrac makes it easier for you to offer faster shipping for less—keeping everyone happy. Even better, our residential delivery fee is less than half the amount that you’ll pay with national carriers.

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