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OnTrac Delivers Hope


On any other morning the slight breeze wouldn’t have mattered.

This is Arizona and even in the early morning hours residents appreciate the refreshing reminder that cooler weather is on the way.

But on this day, it was a little different.

November 1 marked the kickoff of KNIX and St. Vincent de Paul’s Million Can Crusade—an effort that invited customers at over 100 Safeway stores to donate nonperishable food items to the needy during the holiday season.

Vendors started arriving around 4am— radio DJ’s set up their booth, news stations unpacked their cameras, OnTrac pitched its tent, and the regulars made their coffee runs.

But there was another new sight off in the distance.

KNIX's Barrel Boy

Silhouetted against a brilliant backdrop of purples and oranges was a man standing in the grated basket of a crane.

Hoisted ten stories above the ground, KNIX’s “Barrel Boy” gripped the rail of the basket and made his best effort not to move.

This would be his spot until KNIX and St. Vincent de Paul raised 10,000 cans.

As he stood there, looking out over the city, the combined efforts of local customers, and country music singers Luke Bryan, Darius Rucker, and Dierks Bentley donation of 4,000 cans, Barrel Boy was down before noon.

That’s when OnTrac really got involved.

We worked with 11 Safeway Stores this year to pickup and deliver 84 boxes full of supplies to the St. Vincent de Paul facility on December 21, free of charge.

OnTrac delivers donations to St. Vincent de Paul

“Although I know it was more, helping just one family is worth the effort,” David Forward, General Manager of the Phoenix Facility, said. “We realize that the small efforts we put forth goes farther than we can imagine for people in need. Both the driver and I have enjoyed being of service to Saint Vincent de Paul.”

The OnTrac sponsored boxes have made their way to several businesses and schools, and Saint Vincent de Paul continues to reuse them for various food drives.

“For me it serves as a reminder of the generous support the OnTrac family has provided to St Vincent de Paul, and especially the people we serve,” Jamie Bethune, Drive Coordinator, said.


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