Time in Transit: The New Free Shipping!

Posted on May 4, 2012 1:40:00 PM

Gone are the days when a Saturday morning meant a stroll down Main Street and window shopping with the family.  Say so long to the times you used to spend sorting through the sale racks in hopes of finding that one gem that would make the last three hours of standing in line worthwhile.

The advent of technology and the constant increase in consumer expectations means our favorite pastime could very easily be replaced, at least in some ways, by the internet.

The face of retail is changing— the millennials are growing up, and the next generation of buying is taking shape.  For the first time ever in 2011, ecommerce revenue exceeded 200 billion dollars, and in the next five years it is expected to grow by 60 percent!

That means, by 2016, ecommerce will bring in more than 300 billion dollars, affirming the fact that this ecommerce boom is more than a trend, and giving new opportunities to retailers looking to provide customers with more incentive to shop with them. 

But in an industry where free shipping is already offered, how do you combat the still-present shopping cart abandonment issue and play to the beat of a generation that not only wants things faster, but for a cheaper price?

There’s a simple solution: regional carriers.

Next-day delivery to zone 4 destinations means shipping up to 600 miles from the point of origin, at a competitive price.

And this isn’t just to and from neighboring zip codes. 

The extensive ground network that is inherent to a regional carrier means any ZIP code, within 600 miles, at a ground rate.

Some regional carriers even offer Sunday pickups with Monday delivery to zone four and offer later pickup times, giving shippers the ability to increase productivity and process more shipments during a working day. (As shippers gear up for peak season, now would be a great time to look into that!)

Nobody wants to deal with the woes of buyer’s remorse—when considering a regional carrier, assess your needs first. Let them know what it is you’re looking for in a shipper and let them tell you how they can help.

For more information on regional carriers and the benefits provided by reducing time in transit, you can view Mark Magill's webinar, "Free Shipping is Not Enough: It is Now All About Time in Transit!" by clicking here.



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