Tua'one Drives for Charity

Posted on May 23, 2012 9:54:00 AM

Not many people can say they’ve participated in one of golf’s longest-drive contests—even fewer, it would seem, possess the ability to claim a world-wide ranking in the sport.

Ben Tua’one, Operations Manager for OnTrac in Salt Lake City, can do both.

Not only is he an active participant, but last year, Tua’one was ranked number two in the world for his 388 yard longest drive at the 2011 Remax World Long Drive Championship.

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Though he started playing golf when he was 13, winning player of the year in the Utah Junior Golf Association, the sport hasn’t always been a constant for him.

“I didn’t play much after high school,” he said. “It wasn’t until I started caddying for my cousins, who eventually turned professional, that I really got back into it.”

Not long after that, his sister signed him up for the longest drive competition at the Diamond in the Desert Classic in 2009—an event he won, reaffirming his talent and reestablishing his love for the game.

He went on to record his longest drive of 468 yards at the 2010 Soderby International, and now spends his time helping people work on their game, while he improves his own. 

Tua’one’s skills were well received at the Festival of Roses Golf Tournament in Draper, Utah last week, an event in which OnTrac sponsored the Longest Drive Hole, and gave tournament participants the ability to donate money for the opportunity to have Tua’one drive the ball for them. 

“All of the participants in the tournament had an opportunity to use a drive from one of the world’s longest golf ball driving competitors,” Larry Hardie, OnTrac Salt Lake City Account Executive said.  “These drives were generally in the 360 to 400 yard range and would be equal to two or three strokes for the average golfer.  This demonstration received a lot of positive feedback from the tournament organizers and they have already asked him to come back next year.  With Ben’s participation, the golfing event created great awareness for OnTrac among the participants in the tournament.” 

All proceeds and donations raised were given to charity.

 “The OnTrac hole with Ben was a great addition to our golf tournament,” Golf Committee Chair, Paul Keyser said. “Everyone I spoke with raved about his tremendous drives and what a genuinely nice person he is. We would definitely welcome Ben back again and again."


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