Logistics & Online Shopping Experience [Infographic]

Posted on Jun 28, 2012 12:56:00 PM

To some, patience is a virtue, or a way of life. It keeps them calm and allows them to manage the day-to-day more effectively.

To others, waiting is a hassle, and a waste of time.

Having to wait doesn’t fit everyone’s schedule, and in a world where timing is everything, assuming a customers' patience could be costing you in more ways than you think. Online shopping is supposed to be convenient, and consumers are expecting to be able to navigate fast and effectively.

It’s the main reason people are closing out instead of checking out, or abandoning their carts.

According to a recent month-long comScore study of 3,100 respondents, each of whom were required to have made at least 2 online purchases within a 3 month period, online shoppers are for the most part satisfied, but there is definitely room for improvement.

The study also stressed the importance of logistics in the customer satisfaction equation. For instance: when comparison shopping, consumers often value shipping costs at the same weight as the actual price of the product. You may offer free shipping, but speed is just as important: 38% of shoppers want their purchases faster, and 33% of those surveyed were willing to pay a nominal fee for expedited shipping.

To learn more about how integrating a regional carrier like OnTrac into your logistics network can save you time and money, while keeping your customers happy, view the infographic below:

Download the original study: What Factors Influence the Online Shopping Experience?

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