Go Green to Save Green

Posted on Mar 21, 2018 1:37:31 PM

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Going green can seem totally overwhelming, not to mention expensive. If you break things down, little by little converting to an environmentally friendly household is not as tough as you think. In addition to being environmentally friendly, going green is also a friend to your wallet. Earth Month takes place every April, and Earth Day 2018 is celebrated Sunday, April 22.  There are many ways you can save energy, reuse household items, and go green. Here are some tips on how you can go green, to save green.

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  • Opt out of disposable plastic bags, and reuse the ones you have on hand. Invest a few dollars into canvas reusable bags for grocery trips. They are sturdier, hold more items, and are more comfortable to carry. Have a stash of plastic bags at home? Reuse them as a small garbage can liner, a car trash bag or to pick up animal waste.
  • Give up the use of plastic water bottles. On average, 30 billion plastic water bottles are sold in the US, and less than 20% are actually recycled. Switching to a stainless steel reusable water bottle could save up to $200 a month on water.
  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper. Not only are they more durable, they will actually help reduce your trash output, and save you money over the years. Plus, cloth napkins add a nice touch to any meal.
  • Grow your own food. It is not nearly as complicated or as time consuming as it sounds. Cherry tomatoes, salad greens and green beans are the most cost effective vegetables to grow in a garden. Simply growing herbs such as basil or mint on your windowsill can still save hundreds in the long run.
  • Line dry your clothes. Clothing dryers use more energy than most appliances in your home. Pick up a clothing rack, set up a drying line outside, or just hang wet clothes on hangers around the house. They will be dry in a day without spiking the electricity bill.

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Going green can easily be implemented into daily routines, and can help save money while improving quality of life. Something as small as reducing your use of plastic, or hanging your clothes up to dry can get you on the right path to a green life. It just takes time, and dedication. With the right alternatives and transitions, anyone can make their lifestyle a sustainable one.

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