OnTrac Opens Their Largest Facility Yet!

Posted on Jul 5, 2017 1:00:00 AM

In June 2017 OnTrac welcomed to the public their biggest facility yet in Fontana, California. The nearly 600,000 square foot facility is over five times the size of the two previous OnTrac facilities in nearby Ontario. Although it is the largest facility, the Fontana location is one of 19 facilities in the state of California. With 115 dock doors and the ability to move 8,000 packages an hour, the Fontana facility will service the entire Inland Empire.


OnTrac plans to fully automate the Fontana facility next year. Giving it the ability to move 35,000 packages an hour. By processing packages faster and minimizing time in the facility, the packages can be loaded and arrive at their destination faster.


Laura Peterson, Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing says, “This facility is important to us. Not only is it our newest facility.  It is also our largest at just under 600,000 square feet. We have improved our square footage by five or six times and we've tripled the number of employees. And more exciting is that next year, we plan on fully automating this building, which I believe will make us the first regional carrier to have a fully automated facility.”


With the expansion in facility size and additional packages, OnTrac has also tripled the number of staff. There are over 300 people employed at this facility and OnTrac is still hiring today. As peak season approaches, OnTrac will be hiring additional sorters to manage the influx of holiday shipping. Currently, OnTrac is hiring a total of 17 positions between AM Package Handlers, PM Package Handlers, IR Package Handlers, and a Linehaul Dispatch. For more information and to apply, please go to www.ontrac.com/careers.


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