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Posted on Apr 20, 2017 11:11:03 AM

Going green means much more than choosing the paperless billing option. Although that is a huge first step to making an impact, there are many ways you can go green in your daily life.  Most ways to live a green lifestyle are simple to implement, cost little to no money, and can have a huge impact on natural resources and the environment.

spam-964521_1280 (1).jpg

The average person receives 69 pounds of junk mail to their home each year. According to the EPA, over 50% of junk mail is not recycled. It also takes an average of 4,000 gallons of water to produce one ton of paper, and the junk mail industry uses 10-24 billion gallons of water each year. Putting an end to junk mail will save more than trees, it will also save water, fuel, energy, and many other resources. It is simple to unsubscribe from junk mail.  Contact the company via phone or email and ask to be removed from the mailing list. Until the opt-out starts working, here are some creative uses for junk mail.

  • Recycle It: 50% of junk mail is not recycled, be sure to place yours in a recycle bin.
  • Compost It: Most paper and ink is non-toxic, put it through the shredder for use as compost.
  • Packaging Material: Shred or crumble it to use as sustainable packaging material.
  • Animal Bedding: Shred it and use it on the bottom of a hamster or bird cage.
  • Crafts: Recycled papers are great for collages, paper Mache and much more.water.jpg

    Another easy way to go green is to give up the use of plastic water bottles. On average, 30 billion plastic water bottles are sold in the US, and less than 20% are actually recycled. Switching to a stainless steel reusable water bottle could save up to $200 a month on water. Stainless steel water bottles hold up better, and longer than disposable or reusable plastic bottles, which can crack easily or damage in the sun. Plastic also contains chemicals such as BPA, giving up plastic water bottles can eliminate any health risk.


    Green transportation is another affordable way to implement sustainable living. About 30% of vehicles do not have properly inflated tires, which can increase fuel costs by 10%. Tires with low pressure can also reduce the life of the tire by one year, and can increase the likelihood of damage. Checking for proper inflation on tires is good for the vehicle, and the environment. 

    Living a car-less lifestyle is another way to reduce environmental impact and go green. If living car-less is not a feasible option, try living less-car. Living without a car in rural areas is more difficult than urban settings, but there are many alternative modes of transportation. Carpool is a great option for transportation to work and school. This can help save on emissions and gas. Public transportation is almost always an option, from busses to trains or zip cars, many cities and towns offer group transportation options. Riding a bicycle is one of the quickest modes of manual transportation. With streets lined with bike lines, most cities are biker friendly and offer routes just for bicyclists.


    Going green can easily be implemented into daily routines, and can help save money while improving quality of life. Getting rid of junk mail, water bottles and alternative modes of transportation are a great way to implement sustainable living into daily life. With the right alternatives and transitions, anyone can make their lifestyle a sustainable one.

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OnTrac Employees Walk 356 Miles for a Cure

Posted on Mar 17, 2017 9:32:27 AM


OnTrac teamed up with the American Cancer Society (ACS) to host their second annual Relay For Life event. The relay took place at the corporate office in Chandler, Arizona on February 23, 2017. A total of 229 OnTrac employees registered for the event to raise awareness for cancer prevention. During this four-hour event 540 laps around the Continuum Business Park were completed, totaling in 356.40 miles.


To spark some friendly competition, the employees were divided into 21 teams of no more than 15 individuals per team. The winning team walked a total of 97 laps, and each individual won a Relay For Life souvenir cup from the American Cancer Society.  ACS also attended the event and joined in on the fun to help spread the word on cancer prevention. The American Cancer Society is actively working to create more birthdays by encouraging prevention, providing support and conducting lifesaving research.


"As one of the many OnTrac employees that is a cancer survivor, it is truly an uplifting event to see the entire OnTrac Corporate office come together the way that they do for the Relay For Life event,” says OnTrac Chief Administrative Officer Rick Chase. “Most families have been affected by some form of cancer, and the collective support shown by our corporate office team during the Relay For Life event speaks volumes about the thoughtful nature of our friends and fellow employees.”


On March 1, OnTrac announced via press release that the Chandler, Arizona corporate office raised $540 for the American Cancer Society. RouteSmart Technologies Vice President of Sales and Marketing Chris Walz read the press release and decided to take part in the fundraising. RouteSmart graciously met OnTrac’s donation to ACS bringing the total donation to $1080.

“At RouteSmart Technologies, we are aware of the importance of consistently giving back to organizations and causes that we can impact positively, while striving to be good corporate citizens in the communities where we live and serve,” says Chris Walz, RouteSmart Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “In the five years RouteSmart has been helping OnTrac build more efficient routes, our business relationship has grown to include supporting a cause that everyone can get behind – fighting cancer.  In an effort to make a larger philanthropic impact, we encourage other OnTrac solution providers to match funds and we congratulate OnTrac for going the extra mile for the American Cancer Society.”


In addition to the American Cancer Society, OnTrac is a proud supporter of giving back to the communities where employees live and serve. Since 2014, OnTrac has given monetary donations of $61,380 to a variety of charities within their eight-state footprint. Some of these great causes include the St. Vincent de Paul, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Miracle Corners of the World, City of Hope, Container Recycling Institute, and Toys For Tots. To learn more about OnTrac’s charitable giving, please visit their website, To make a contribution to the American Cancer Society please follow this link,


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The OnTrac “Get Fit, Be Healthy, Stay OnTrac” Photo Contest Recap

Posted on Feb 28, 2017 3:56:50 PM


OnTrac recently ran the “Get Fit, Be Healthy, Stay OnTrac” photo contest in celebration of our customer spotlight of The promotion began on January 1, 2017 and wrapped up on February 1, 2017. Participants were asked to share a photo of themselves living a healthy lifestyle to be voted on.

Our first prize winner, Andrew, shared a great photo of himself riding his bicycle up South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. As first place winner, Andrew received a three month subscription to, shown above featured next to his bike.

IMG_6163.jpgNuts Bag 3.jpg

Pictured above, we have our second prize winner, Meghan. Meghan shared a great photo of herself in the gym doing a battle rope workout. Here we have her showcasing her prize, a two month subscription to the delicious



For the third place prize, there was a tie between four amazing participants, each of their photos received the same amount of votes. Pictured above we have Rachel who is hiking along the Avenue of the Giants, in Humboldt National Forest in Northern California. We also have Shae who is riding her horse on a ranch in Amado, Arizona. Pictured below we have Eric, another third prize winner who is showing off his delicious goodies. For our final third place winner, we have Stephanie, who also earned goodies from thanks to her post workout selfie.


Each of our third place winners received a one month subscription to Congratulations to all of our winners, thank you for showing us how you get fit, be healthy and stay OnTrac!


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Employee Spotlight- Mike Harris

Posted on Feb 3, 2017 10:42:21 AM

At OnTrac, we love to feature our employees for the hard work and dedication they show every day. This week, we are featuring our first employee spotlight of 2017, highlighting Mike Harris from the engineering department.

Mike Harris Photo.jpg

When Mike Harris first started with OnTrac in 2014, he was providing field engineering support for the Southwest Region. Now Mike Harris is the Senior Manager of Industrial Engineering for OnTrac. He has been an influential part of the OnTrac Engineering team and its development. He is responsible for the field engineering of both line haul and operations. To explain further, Mike says, “In line haul engineering, we are determining when and how we should move equipment to best meet the needs of our customers.  The Field Engineers are focused on sort productivity, cost reductions, Pickup and Delivery Service, and new facility planning.” 

Prior to OnTrac, Mike worked for FedEx Ground for 12 years as a Reginal Operations Engineering Manager, Hub Industrial engineer and an Administrative Process engineer. Mike received his Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering from West Virginia University, and moved on to receive his MBA from Mount St. Mary’s University.  

One of Mike’s favorite parts of his job is the people. Mike feels strongly that OnTrac is made up of “amazing people that want to make a difference. It makes being an engineer pretty easy.” Mike is an influential part of OnTrac, and has helped shape what it is today. When Mike isn’t managing the line haul, or operations, he enjoys a good book. The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. Dubois is a favorite of his, or you can catch him quoting his favorite movie, Big Trouble in Little China. Now “What more could you ask for”-Jack Burton.


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Enter to Win Before January 31st!

Posted on Jan 27, 2017 12:24:04 PM

nuts.jpgThe OnTrac customer spotlight video featuring is live! To celebrate the customer spotlight, we are hosting the Get Fit, Be Healthy, Stay OnTrac photo contest. The top three winners will receive a healthy prize pack. The photo contest is running now until the end of the month.

  • First Prize: com Healthy Prize Pack – 3 Month Replenishment ($180 Value) 
  • Second Prize: com Healthy Prize Pack – 2 Month Replenishment ($120 Value)
  • Third Prize: com Healthy Prize Pack – 1 Time Replenishment ($60 Value)


What better way to ring in the New Year than with a photo contest. Capture yourself in a moment of fitness, exercise, or embracing a healthy lifestyle choice and share it with us. Together we can support each other by living a stronger, more balanced life. Once your photo is submitted, share your entry with family and friends asking them to vote for your photo for a chance to win some great prizes. We encourage all to enter and submit their photos, however, OnTrac employees are ineligible to win the prize. Don’t forget to show us how you get fit, be healthy and stay OnTrac!

The contest is a little over three weeks underway, and there have been some great submissions! Whether you love to hike, bike, climb or swim, we want to see how you get fit, be healthy and stay OnTrac.


Check out some of our submissions below. 

Click on the contest link here to vote for your favorite to win!





  1. Click here
  2. Fill out the entry form
  3. Upload your photo
  4. Share entry to friends and family
  5. Vote for your favorite photo
  6. Stay tuned for the winner


  1. Upload your photo to Twitter or Instagram**
  2. Add #StayOnTrac and #OnTracContest
  3. Photo will automatically upload to the voting page
  4. Stay tuned for the winner

**public profiles only

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OnTrac Customer Profile:

Posted on Jan 11, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Enter the Get Fit, Be Healthy, Stay OnTrac photo contest to win a healthy prize pack! Details here, enter here. with L3.jpgWhat began as a small nut shop in the late 1920s, has expanded into a fully operational business servicing customers across the country with a team of 200 employees and over 3,000 products… now that’s NUTS!

OnTrac had the opportunity to connect with one of our customers, In this video, Jeff Braverman, the “Chief Nut” of this amazing brand, shares the story of how came to be what it is today. b & w 3.jpg b & w 2.jpg

In 1929, on the brink of the Depression, Jeff’s father and grandfather “Poppy” Sol took a leap of faith and started a small nut company in Newark, New Jersey formally known as the Newark Nut Company. The determination of the two men is what launched the Newark Nut Company into success. They began selling premium bulk nuts and dried fruit and quickly developed a reputation of providing the very finest and freshest nuts available.

In 1999, Jeff launched NutsOnline to bring a savory selection of more than 2,000 items right to customer’s doors. By 2011, NutsOnline became pretty well known across North America for great quality and service across a growing product offering. Their slogan, "We're more than just nuts," continued to ring true. boxes.jpg

With several fans shortening the NutsOnline name to just consistently, sparked the change to the company name in January 2012. Despite the name change, they are still the same - the same family, the same values, the same quality, and the same level of care.

Now, over eight decades later, Jeff’s cousin David and himself represent the third generation of the family-owned business. Although much has changed, the philosophy has not, and they continue the family tradition of providing the same superb quality and service as in the past. Their customers, some in their 80's and 90's, still rave about the splendid quality and luscious flavor of the products that have made their company famous throughout the years. on conveyor.jpg workers.jpg

The West Coast is a large market for and also a large market for OnTrac. Together OnTrac and have built a solid foundation of taking care of the customer and making sure that their deliveries are in the customer’s hands faster and more efficiently. Carolee Strong, Operations Manager at the Sparks, Nevada facility, says OnTrac is their number one carrier and customers receive everything they order the next day. OnTrac does about 95% of business in the Sparks, Nevada facility. They pick, pack and ship out the door with OnTrac. exterior.jpg

Jeff says “It wasn’t just about getting out West, it was really trying to push that one-day footprint. It’s really cool to be sitting in Reno, Nevada and be able to hit the places on the West coast in one day. The proof is in the pudding our facilities are directly across the street from OnTrac.” and OnTrac from OnTrac on Vimeo.

For more information on, please visit their website, YouTube Channel, and social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don't forget to enter the Get Fit, Be Healthy, Stay OnTrac photo contest. Visit our blog post to read all of the details or click here to go directly to the contest page. Three winners will win a healthy prize pack!

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Get Fit, Be Healthy, Stay OnTrac Photo Contest

Posted on Dec 22, 2016 10:40:23 AM

UPDATED 1/10/17: To enter the Get Fit, Be Healthy, Stay OnTrac photo contest, please click here.Get Fit Be Healthy Stay OnTrac .png










Are you ready to ring in the New Year with a new you? At OnTrac we encourage consistent improvement of excellence for our customers. We strive to maintain the same values in our personal health and overall lifestyle. We want to promote this idea with the communities we serve and motivate everyone to start the New Year off on the best note possible.

OnTrac will host a social media contest on our networks starting the month of January 2017 and continuing until February 1st, promoting a healthy, active lifestyle for the New Year.

fit2.png    fit3.png

We want to connect with the health and fitness community who are our customers and those who we ship to. We want to discover your stories of how OnTrac’s fast shipping affects your everyday healthy lifestyle.


The OnTrac Marketing Team getting their spin on at Cycle Bar in Chandler.

There is no purchase necessary to enter or win. Contestants will enter by submitting photos via our social media channels. One entry is allowed per day per Facebook user. Contestants must include #StayOnTrac and #OnTracContest in photo caption to be eligible to win. Winners are based on the most votes/likes. Likes are not limited per user per day. The contest refers to “fitness” and “healthy lifestyle” therefore, the photos must contain imagery of an active and healthy lifestyle including fitness, exercise, healthy eating, making balanced choices, etc. 

Prizes Include:

  • First Prize: Healthy Prize Pack – 3 Month Replenishment ($180 Value) 
  • Second Prize: Healthy Prize Pack – 2 Month Replenishment ($120 Value)
  • Third Prize: Healthy Prize Pack – 1 Time Replenishment ($60 Value)


This contest is open only to legal U.S. residents within OnTrac’s service regions (CA, AZ, NV, OR, WA, UT, CO, and ID), over the age of 18. Employees and contractors of OnTrac and their families are not eligible to win, but may enter the contest. Void where prohibited by law. Contestants residing in those areas where the contest is void may participate in the contest but may not win any prizes.

fit6.jpg  fit7.jpg

The winners will be picked based on the total amount of likes the individual photo has collected. The most likes on one photo will win the grand prize. The second and third prizes will be presented to the second, and third photos with the next amount of most votes.

Are you up for the challenge? To enter the Get Fit, Be Healthy, Stay OnTrac photo contest, please click here.

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9th Annual Million Can Crusade Recap

Posted on Dec 16, 2016 11:55:06 AM


A contractor providing services on behalf of OnTrac dropping off cans for the Million Can Crusade.

OnTrac participated in the ninth annual 102.5 KNIX Ben & Matt’s Million Can Crusade. This year marked the sixth year of involvement from the OnTrac corporate office in Chandler, Arizona and the largest donation yet. A total of 6,323 cans of non-perishable food was collected by OnTrac employees in order to help St. Vincent de Paul feed hungry families for the holiday season.


OnTrac Marketing Specialist Alessandra Zucker handing off cans to St. Vincent de Paul employee.

The Million Can Crusade, now the largest food drive in the United States, started on Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 and allowed the community in the greater Phoenix area to help Ben and Matt of KNIX to reach their goal of donating one million cans of canned food by Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016. From canned food donations and cash donations, 1,573,246 cans were collected and donated to St. Vincent de Paul. In addition to the canned food donation, OnTrac also donated $1,500 at the event kickoff.


KNIX, St. Vincent de Paul and OnTrac celebrating the total amount of cans collected for the Million Can Crusade.

“One thing that all of us at St. Vincent de Paul believe is that when it comes to truly helping so many people, ‘we are all in this together!’ That is why we feel so blessed to have friends and partners like OnTrac,” said Jamie Bethune, Community Drives and Events Manager at St. Vincent de Paul. “It is certainly overwhelming and inspiring to reflect back on how much OnTrac alone has made possible for so many in need. Each can of food, each dollar donated, not only provides much-needed food, but also a sense of hope, and knowledge that someone out there cares enough to help in times of greatest need. We are truly thankful to everyone for their generosity and support!”

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Henderson Economic Development & Small Business Awards

Posted on Dec 9, 2016 10:08:44 AM


On November 10, 2016 the Henderson Chamber of Commerce and the City of Henderson held Henderson's 17th Annual Economic Development and Small Business Awards at Green Valley Ranch. The evening was a great success with over 450 people in attendance.


The gentleman speaking is Pastor Paul Block from New Song Lutheran Church and the other is Scott Muelrath, Henderson Chamber of Commerce President/CEO.

OnTrac was recognized as an Economic Development Project of the Year Award Finalist at the event. This award showcases an economic development project of significance completed within the last twelve months (by August 30, 2015.) Nominated projects demonstrate job creation, capital investment and economic impact to the community.


In the photo, left to right - Councilwoman Gerri Schroder, Councilwoman Debra March, OnTrac PM Operations Manager Rafael Zavala, OnTrac AM Operations Manager Zach Miethe, and Mayor Andy Hafen.

OnTrac opened the doors to its 130,000-square-foot facility at Courier Street in Henderson during the fall of 2015. A regional expansion of the company’s operations, the move tripled the size of OnTrac’s operations. The Henderson expansion alone resulted in the addition of more than 60 jobs, and the company now employs approximately 99 people.


Although this incredible project didn’t take the title this year, the reward of a nomination was a great success. OnTrac will continue to strive for greatness with innovative ideas and consistent growth.

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Twice as Nice: OnTrac Honored at the ACE Awards

Posted on Dec 5, 2016 11:01:59 AM


Awards from the Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) awards event hosted by the Phoenix Business Journal.

OnTrac was recently recognized at the Arizona Corporate Excellence event hosted by the Phoenix Business Journal on November 2, 2016 at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts. Phoenix Business Journal Editor in Chief Ilana Lowery and CliftonLarsonAllen LLP Managing Principal of the Phoenix Office Chad Kunze presented OnTrac with the distinguishable honor of the 8th Fastest Growing Company and the 11th ranked Privately Held Company.

OnTrac continues to show tremendous growth year-over-year not only in Arizona, but throughout its eight-state footprint. During the past year, OnTrac has added 1.1 million square feet of additional warehouse space, proving to be a mecca for e-commerce warehouses and booming food delivery companies. Earlier this year, OnTrac opened a new facility in Tucson to expand overnight delivery capabilities to Southern Arizona customers. Presently, OnTrac is preparing for the opening of a second facility in Phoenix come the New Year to arrange quick deliveries to the western side of the state.


OnTrac Corporate Account Manager Scott Nielson, OnTrac Regional Sales Manager Brian Schnakenberg, and OnTrac Public Relations Manager Katrina Fox at the Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) awards event.

Company growth was a large part of the criteria used for the Fastest Growing Company. A growth score formula is used, which is based on absolute dollar revenue growth as well as percentage revenue growth over a two-year period. The criteria used for the Fastest Growing Company and the top Privately Held Company was based on FYE 2015 revenue. The ACE awards focus on developing a sense of knowledge-sharing and community among private companies in Arizona and provide a means for executives at all levels to expand their networks.

CliftonLarsonAllen LLP Managing Principal of the Phoenix Office Chad Kunze said, “To find the top companies in Arizona for the Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) awards is a very involved five-month process. The various sponsors of the ACE Awards focus our attention on getting to know the companies, their business strategies, and plans for the future. It’s a very exciting program to be a part of and to see the successes of each company year after year. The concluding awards event is a fun way to celebrate the companies and to bring Arizona’s finest together for one night.”


The Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) awards event at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts.

The event brought together 300 business leaders from the top 25 fastest growing companies and the top 50 privately held companies within the state of Arizona among numerous business sectors, like transportation, construction, technology and health care.  

All photography was taken by Jim Poulin of the Phoenix Business Journal.

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