OnTrac Vice President Mark Magill Presented at Home Delivery World

Posted on Apr 19, 2018 10:07:27 AM

OnTrac exhibited for the sixth year at the Home Delivery World conference that took place on Wednesday April 18th through Thursday April 19th, 2018. Since the inception of the conference in 2013, Home Delivery World has been connecting retailers, etailers, grocers and solution providers to discuss trends and innovations for the entire delivery cycle.

Home Delivery World_Mark Magill (1)

OnTrac Vice President of Business Development Mark Magill discussed how to leverage regional carriers and logistics companies for an improved customer experience, speed of delivery, and reduction of transportation costs during a panel at the conference. The panel took place on the first day of the conference at the Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart and was moderated by Bodybuilding.com Director of Global Transportation Greg Dahlstrom. Magill is a regular presenter at Home Delivery World who is passionate about sharing the benefits of a multi-company approach to create a cost-savings and faster delivery times for companies who ship within the West Coast.

“There are many advantages to using a multi-carrier approach for your shipping strategy,” says Magill. “The number one benefit that continues to top the lists in research each year is the cost savings that regional carriers and logistics companies provide. The larger next-day delivery footprint, greater same day options and a more personal approach to customer service are a few of the added perks that come with the full package.”

Magill began his career in the logistics and transportation industry over 25 years ago, starting out with SonicAir Courier now a division of UPS. He has been a regular contributor to Parcel Magazine and is a popular speaker at transportation conferences focusing on the regional small parcel industry. Magill was awarded the 2016 TMSA Sales Executive of the Year by the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association.

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Shipping from San Diego, CA

Posted on Mar 4, 2014 11:32:00 AM

OnTrac is the leader in regional package delivery service within California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado and Idaho. With more than 20 years of delivery experience, OnTrac can provide the best shipping rates to more than 60 million consumers in our 8-state service area. 

We are the leader in ground shipping in California, with overnight delivery to every ZIP Code in the state and to the major metropolitan areas of Arizona and Nevada. From San Diego, OnTrac's regional hub-and-spoke model enables us to give our customers 2-day delivery to Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado and Idaho.

If shipping costs are chewing up your profits, OnTrac can help you compete more effectively using the "3 C's" for ecommerce businesses cost, convenience & customer experience. The integration of a regional carrier can help your company modally optimize using multiple carriers and shipping methods, empowering your customers with choice. Regional carriers can also be a tool to help you establish an effective shipping and returns strategy, expand your "local" delivery area and shrink transit delays, reduce fuel, accessorial charges and overall shipping costs.

We understand that your customers want their products delivered faster and cheaper—free even! They want choices and they want free returns, too.  We understand that you're under pressure to provide all of those things, because if you don’t they'll find someone else who does. 

It is our goal to help all kinds of businesses by educating them on the superior service and value of using a regional parcel carrier. From startup companies to large multi-million dollar companies, OnTrac can help get products to clients much faster and reduce their shipping cost as well.

If you are looking to reduce shipping spend, improve transit times and put a WOW into your deliveries to over the 60 million we service daily, remember all the ways OnTrac can help.

Don’t forget to sign up for our webinar, The Ecommerce Dilemma – Get It Delivered Faster and Cheaper: 

A Guide for Those of You That Don’t Have DCs All Over the Globe, on March 20. The FREE webinar, hosted by OnTrac Director of Business Development Mark Magill will feature Shipware’s President and CEO Rob Martinez.

To sign up for the webinar, visit http://video.webcasts.com/events/pmny001/viewer/index.jsp?eventid=47814

Learn more about Shipware by visiting their homepage: http://www.shipware.com/

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OnTrac Honored at 2013 ACE Awards

Posted on Sep 4, 2013 4:21:00 PM

OnTrac is a proud participant in this year’s Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) Awards.

Now in its 19th year, the 2013 ACE Awards will be held on September 19, 2013. This event is invitation-only, open only to the winning companies on the lists each year.

ACE Awards Logo

The ACE Awards honor the largest private companies in Arizona, welcoming those that generate revenues of over $15 billion per year. These companies employ over 40,000 employees in the State of Arizona and over 56,000 worldwide. The ACE awards acknowledge the importance of these companies to the economy of Arizona and to the families of their employees.

The goal of the ACE Awards is to develop an increasing sense of knowledge-sharing and community among private companies in Arizona. Through participation in the program, the ACE Awards will provide a means for executives at all levels to enhance their personal networks.

It is for their investments to the state of Arizona that these companies will be recognized. The Phoenix Business Journal and our sponsors invite all of Arizona’s privately held companies to submit an application to possibly join the ranks.

With its recent announcement of the relocation of its Corporate Headquarters from Phoenix to Chandler, OnTrac will bring more than 850 jobs to the City of Chandler over the term of the lease. This effort is preceded by OnTrac’s continuous growth and ability to provide its customers, both in the state of Arizona and the rest of its 8-state service area, a superior delivery experience.

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OnTrac wins 2011 Courier of the Year!

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 11:31:00 AM

This time of year, Sparks, Nevada is a snow-covered collection of corrugated-steel and otherwise unremarkable industrial buildings framed by the jagged edge of freshly powdered mountains.  

A winter wind blows remnants of last night’s snowstorm across car windows, and out in the distance the clouds have opened up to let the sun highlight the beauty of this industrial town.

The future of shipping logistics is unfolding in Reno, and it has more to do with OnTrac’s great customer service than one might think.

At OnTrac, it’s all about exceeding customer expectations, and on Thursday, March 1, the company’s efforts were recognized by Newgistics Inc., a shipping company that provides small parcel delivery and return solutions and offers shippers new opportunities to increase customer loyalty and improve efficiency.

After 12 months of performance evaluation of more than 30 different regions, Newgistics presented the first annual Courier of the Year award to OnTrac at the Reno facility.

Of all the couriers in the 30 regions evaluated, the Reno facility was the only one to break the 90th percentile, receiving a score of 94 out of 100-- the average score of this evaluation was in the 60s. 

The combined effort of OnTrac’s senior management and Reno’s PM Operations Manager Galin Brooks, who acted as the main point of contact between Newgistics and the OnTrac Reno facility, enabled OnTrac to provide the best on-time pickup and delivery percentage of all the couriers being evaluated.

OnTrac Receives 2011 Courier of the YearPictured (left to right): Mark Cronkrite, Todd Royer, and Galin Brooks

 “This is a pretty significant accomplishment,” Senior Manager Transportation Brad Hoff said. “The Reno facility competed with close to 30 other regions over a period of twelve months, and had the highest score during that time. Their score establishes accountability and sets the bar that much higher for years to come.”

Among other things, couriers were evaluated on time in transit, delivery volume, pickup volume and cycle time.

“Reno is the consolidation point for what goes through Newgistics,” General Manager Todd Royer said. “I think a big part of this award has to do with the relationship we have developed with them. They know they can pick up the phone and call us and they will get a resolution. I don’t think they have that with anyone else.”

With this award, OnTrac was named the best company overall for on time delivery and on time returns, both crucial factors that lead back to the most important part of the Newgistics business model: customer service.

OnTrac Wins 2011 Courier of the Year

“The customer service OnTrac provides is outstanding,” Hoff said. “The whole thing is about the customer experience, and we want a perfect customer experience-- that is what they did for us. As far as I’m concerned, it validates why they’re number one and why the relationship needs to stay in place for a long time.”

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2011: A Huge Year for OnTrac!

Posted on Dec 30, 2011 9:34:00 AM

It was a big year here at OnTrac; we saw a lot of growth and expansion, as well as innovation. We expanded our service area into new states, added new facilities, improved upon old ones, and even launched a brand new service. It truly has been a great year for us. Let’s recap the big stories for OnTrac in 2011:



OnTrac now serves Colorado! Adding Colorado to our service area grew the population we service to nearly 60 million people within our 7 state service area. Our addition helps you by covering more people, allowing you to serve more customers in more areas with faster transit times.


Ground just got faster with OnTrac. OnTrac Ground is the faster, more affordable alternative for parcel delivery in California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Colorado. Shipments that may take 2 days to deliver with national carriers arrive next-day with OnTrac Ground. Adding Ground gives our customers the option to offer faster shipping without the cost burden.

New Facilities

OnTrac Menlo Park

OnTrac added several new facilities and upgraded many others this past year. The following facilities were added to our network this year:

  • Menlo Park, California

  • Ventura, California

  • Monterey, California

On top of the new additions, several of our larger facilities received major upgrades to boost our efficiency. The following facilities were upgraded:

  • Reno, Nevada

  • Petaluma, California

  • Phoenix, Arizona

Continued Attention to Lowering Costs for You

We continue to boost your bottom line by cutting out additional costs and offering fewer fees than the national delivery companies.  OnTrac still offers a FREE Signature Required option and we won’t charge you a Daily Scheduled Pickup Fee for accounts that ship more than $100 per week. The savings don’t stop there, either. Check out our rate comparison to learn about even more savings you could be receiving!

It has been an exciting year for all of us here at OnTrac, and we hope it has been for you as well. Here’s to a prosperous New Year!

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Ground Just Got Faster With OnTrac!

Posted on Aug 5, 2011 1:56:00 PM

OnTrac is proud to announce the availability of our new ground service throughout the Western United States. Our Ground Service will provide you with time-critical and overnight deliveries at ground rates. The new service will be available to all of California, as well as all major metropolitan areas in Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Utah.

Where national carriers may take two days to deliver, we're providing next-day service. For example, a shipment from Los Angeles, CA will ship next day throughout the entire state with OnTrac, but with national carriers, most northern cities will take two days. With faster transit times, you can offer your customers a better experience without the added cost of express shipping.OnTrac Ground Service ComparisonA large portion of your shipping bill with a national carrier can be made up of fees and surcharges. We help save you money by keeping fees lower and imposing fewer surcharges. In doing so, OnTrac Ground gives you the opportunity to gain an advantage over your competition while saving money.

Our competitive rates give you the opportunity to ship your product next-day at ground rates! And what's better? We have a higher dimensional divisor, with no minimum shipping volume. OnTrac ground is also covered by our Money-Back Service Guarantee, assuring you that we stand behind our service.

Getting started with OnTrac Ground is easy. If you do not have an account, please visit our ground page to setup your FREE account today!

Already using OnTrac? Contact your local Account Executive and ask about adding OnTrac Ground as a service option for your account. Our team of IT and service professionals are ready to help you get started on saving even more on fast and reliable shipping!

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