OnTrac Helps Diamondback's Mascot Baxter Save Opening Day

Posted on Apr 5, 2019 12:11:59 PM

OnTrac is thrilled to be back for another year as a proud partner of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Through this partnership OnTrac has brought back a piece of history, the bullpen cart for a second year. Recently, OnTrac and Baxter, beloved mascot of the Arizona Diamondbacks, helped save the day for one very lucky fan.


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OnTrac Wins the 2018 Diamondbacks Most Valuable Partner (MVP) Award for Brand Integration

Posted on Dec 19, 2018 11:02:11 AM



2018 has been an exciting year for OnTrac partnerships! Teaming up with the Arizona Diamondbacks, OnTrac helped bring back a piece of baseball history, the OnTrac Bullpen Cart. The D-backs were the first team in Major League Baseball to reintroduce the Bullpen Cart as a way to transport relief pitchers and other bullpen items to the mound and dugouts. Since the debut, other MLB teams have followed suit. This unique partnership has been featured in media outlets around the globe, such as ESPN, Forbes, Sports Illustrated and Yahoo! Japan. Custom videos were created to debut the cart on the OnTrac website and in multiple D-backs team videos too. Replica toys and media assets have been created of the OnTrac Bullpen Cart.


Due to OnTrac’s involvement with the bullpen cart, the Diamondbacks awarded OnTrac with the Brand Integration Most Valuable Partner (MVP) award for 2018. Thursday, November 29th, 2018 was the 8th Annual MVP awards hosted by the Arizona Diamondbacks. This event was developed as a way for the Diamondbacks to recognize their corporate partners whose marketing and promotions make a lasting impression.

In accepting the award, OnTrac President Rob Humphrey said, “It’s been an amazing experience. It’s a wonderful opportunity and a great fit for our company. That is what we do, we deliver.”


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New Relief Pitchers Take a Ride in the OnTrac Bullpen Cart

Posted on Aug 29, 2018 3:21:51 PM

Tuesday, August 2nd marked the trade deadline for the 2018 Major League Baseball season. The Arizona Diamondbacks bolstered their bullpen, and picked up two relief pitchers before the deadline set in.

Brad Ziegler, a veteran right-handed reliever who pitched for Miami was traded to the Diamondbacks on July 31st. Ziegler pitched for Arizona from 2011 to 2016, and had a total Earned Run Average (ERA) of 2.49 in a total of 348 game appearances. The Diamondbacks also picked up Jake Diekman, a left-hander from the Texas Rangers. Diekman was playing in Arizona as a Ranger when the trade went through, so he gathered his things from the visitors’ side, and made his way to the Diamondbacks Clubhouse.

With this new trade, Diekman was found swapping clubhouses mid-series. In order to make this transitions easier, he took a ride in the OnTrac Bullpen Cart. Ready to make his way to his new teammates, Baxter gave Diekman a ride to the DBacks Clubhouse at Chase Field. Use of bullpen carts has slowly increased in popularity this season, and the Diamondbacks were the first to bring back the cart. The D-Backs debuted the OnTrac Bullpen Cart during spring training, and it has become a fan favorite. Diekman’s journey in Arizona is a step towards more use of bullpen carts in Major League Baseball.

Jake Diekman was not the only relief pitcher to use the OnTrac Bullpen Cart after the trade deadline. Brad Ziegler became the first Diamondbacks pitcher to ride in the cart during a regular season game on August 2nd. However, this was not Ziegler’s first time taking a ride in the bullpen cart. On June 1st, Brad Ziegler, then a Marlins reliever, took a ride to the mound in the OnTrac Bullpen Cart while in town to play the D-Backs.

Ziegler Video Still

The Diamondbacks made some bold moves before the trade deadline, but ones that are sure to pay off. The use of the OnTrac Bullpen cart by both pitchers was the perfect way to welcome them to the team.

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OnTrac Delivers to Chase Field

Posted on Apr 6, 2018 2:40:12 PM

With the help of Baxter, the OnTrac Bullpen Cart made its big debut last week! OnTrac and Diamondbacks fans unite to celebrate the momentous occasion.



OnTrac Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations Laura Peterson says, “A partnership of this magnitude has left its mark on the OnTrac team. As D-backs fans and baseball fans in general, we have seen an outpouring of excitement from OnTrac employees. We are thrilled to be a part of baseball history, especially with the home team where OnTrac is headquartered.”

Join the fandom by sharing a photo or a video of the live action from the Arizona D-backs game. Keep an eye out for the OnTrac bullpen cart and tag OnTrac along with the hashtag #OnTracBullpenCart. Click the social icons below to follow OnTrac!

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D-Backs Bring Back History With the OnTrac Bullpen Cart

Posted on Mar 16, 2018 12:45:19 PM

At the start of the 2018 Major League Baseball season, the Arizona Diamondbacks will bring back a piece of baseball lore, the bullpen cart. As a celebration of the team’s 20th anniversary season, they have teamed up with OnTrac to transport relief pitchers into the game from both bullpens at Chase Field.

Cart Mock-OnTrac_hires

“We have been working on this idea for several years and there’s no more appropriate time to bring back the bullpen cart than this season, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary,” said D-backs President and CEO Derrick Hall. “Fans of baseball in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and even the 90s enjoyed watching their favorite players emerge from the bullpen in various vehicles and we’re excited for this special delivery to come to Chase Field.”

“It gives me great pride to see the OnTrac brand on the bullpen carts for the D-backs,” said OnTrac President Rob Humphrey. “Our company is built around delivering exceptional service and exceeding our customer’s expectations. I am confident that the OnTrac bullpen carts will continue this high level of service when delivering D-backs pitchers to the games.”

To read the full press release, please click here.

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