OnTrac Delivering Hope to Local Schools

Posted on Oct 9, 2015 9:54:24 AM

OnTrac Delivering Hope to Local SchoolsDuring the month of September, OnTrac delivered backpacks and school supplies to 1,000 elementary, middle and high school students within the Western Region. Thirty-eight school districts and charities were touched by OnTrac Delivering Hope. OnTrac supplied 1,000 backpacks and distributed them to OnTrac operational facilities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah and Washington. School districts nearest to all of the facilities were chosen to participate. At each facility OnTrac employees donated and filled each backpack with supplies specific to students in kindergarten to 12th grade.

OnTrac is onboard with delivering hope to today’s youth and couldn’t be more excited to help these students succeed in the 2015-2016 school year and beyond. According to the City of Chandler’s website, “Hundreds of children go back to school each year without any school supplies [and] there are more than 8,000 students in the Chandler Unified School District [alone] who attend Title 1 schools.” City of Chandler Community Resources and Diversity Manager Leah Powell says, “It’s local businesses, like OnTrac, whose support helps to bring success to the families and communities that we serve.”

At OnTrac, it’s an important company-wide initiative to support the communities that we live and grow in. “We have a responsibility to give back to local communities and we feel very fortunate to be able to help those in need,” said Dennis Crosby, Commerce General Manager. “Education is everything and if we’re not involved with today’s youth, then we fail as a leader in the community.”

OnTrac Delivering Hope to Local SchoolsThe school districts and charities impacted by OnTrac’s efforts are:

Albuquerque School District
Bakersfield City School District
Campbell Union School District
Chandler Unified School District
City Light Shelter of Women and Children
Clark County School District
Colorado Springs Rescue Mission
Compton Unified School District
Council Bluffs School District
Denver Public School District
Fontana Unified School District
Fremont School District
Fresno Unified School District
Fridley Public School District
Granite School District
Jefferson County Public Schools
Kent School District
Los Angeles Unified School District
Los Angeles Unified School District
Monterrey Peninsula Unified School District
New Brighton School District
Petaluma City School District
Redwood City Elementary School District
Robla School District
Roosevelt School District
San Diego Unified School District
Santa Ana Unified School District
Santa Maria Unified School District
South San Francisco School District
Stockton Unified School District
Sunnyside Unified School District
Vallejo School District
Vancouver School District
Visalia Unified School District
Washoe County

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Faster Shipping: A Staple for Successful Retailers

Posted on Aug 1, 2013 9:29:00 AM

For most people, the first week of July is a time to welcome summer.

For students, it solidifies the fact that school is out—giving them a reprieve from the studying and early morning wakeup calls. For adults, it is a long weekend; a family barbeque or a day at the beach. It’s a red, white and blue event, complete with patriotic songs and vacation time. Bring on the fireworks. 

Bring on the sunshine, and the sales and the back-to-school coupons?

This year, while most people were enjoying their days off, letting the sun and the idea that school was out sink in, their mailboxes filled up with newspaper articles and advertisements highlighting back-to-school pitches from retailers—little reminders that, while school may have just ended for some, it’s never too early to start shopping for the new year.

And though, traditionally, consumers have begun their back-to-school shopping three-to-four weeks before school starts, this year, it’s different.

According to the National Retail Foundation, back-to-school and back-to-college spending accounts for $84 billion in sales, making this the second biggest season for retailers behind the $580 billion winter holidays.

Though sales were up 5.9 percent last year from 2011, retailers are allowing their customers time to shop around for the best deals—and the early start gives them more time to save for the holidays.

In a recent press release, Staples announced the launch of their #StaplesHasIt program, opening the back-to-school shopping season with their “Reward-A-Classroom” program—saving customers money, and rewarding teachers for all their hard work.

"Staples has it all for the back-to-school season, with tremendous savings and a huge selection of products that ranges from essential supplies to the latest technology," said Demos Parneros, president, North American stores and online, Staples. "Staples supports teachers and with our new Reward-A-Classroom program, we make it easy and affordable for parents and educators to work together to keep the classroom stocked all year long."

Staples makes it easy on customers to shop for supplies, and give back at the same time. With their diverse carrier mix, they’re also ensuring a quick delivery of those highly anticipated school supplies.

Without a worldwide infrastructure to support, regional parcel carriers like OnTrac in the 8 states out west, are able to keep prices competitive and its regional hub-and-spoke model enables customers to save time in transit; a welcome concept in the ever-changing, competitive eCommerce industry.

Their strategically located facilities and optimized routes make getting packages faster, easier.

“Free shipping is not enough,” Director of Business Development Mark Magill said. “e-Retailers now have to compete by offering faster shipping.  In an industry where free shipping has come to be expected, online retailers must play to the beat of a generation that not only wants things faster, but for a cheaper price.  Regional carriers are the perfect solution.  With faster transit times and fewer fees than national delivery companies, regional carriers can often save time and money."

From its Commerce facility, OnTrac is able to deliver overnight to every ZIP Code in California and the major metropolitan areas of Arizona and Nevada overnight, with two-day shipping to Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado and Idaho.

Plus, with less accessorial fees consumers can feel good about their back-to-school experience from shop to ship.

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