OnTrac Wins Courier of the Year

Posted on Jun 23, 2015 9:28:00 AM

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OnTrac, the largest regional package delivery company in the United States, has been awarded the Newgistics Courier of the Year Award. 

The Newgistics Courier of the Year Award is part of a 12-month performance evaluation in more than 30 different regions across the United States. Couriers were judged on five different metrics:

DDU Cycle Time- The amount of transit days it took to deliver shipments from Newgistics to the recipient.

RDU Cycle Time- The amount of transit days it took transport returns from the Post Office back to Newgistics.

Pickup Performance- The percentage of time scheduled pickups were completed on time.

Package Scans- The percentage of correctly scanned shipments.

Security- The Measures of successful deliveries versus unaccounted for shipments.

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The award was presented to Arizona General Manager Tim Barber by Richard Porras, the Vice President of Postal Strategy at Newgistics. Porras, who is also the President of the Parcel Shippers Association, toured the OnTrac facility in Phoenix and thanked OnTrac employees and contractors for their continued commitment to great service. 

OnTrac DirectPost Director Andy Webber was also present at the ceremony, and addressed the team after the morning sort. "Speed and accuracy are crucial, but this award speaks to our consistent commitment to great service. That's the OnTrac delivery experience, and that's what sets us apart." 

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OnTrac wins 2011 Courier of the Year!

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 11:31:00 AM

This time of year, Sparks, Nevada is a snow-covered collection of corrugated-steel and otherwise unremarkable industrial buildings framed by the jagged edge of freshly powdered mountains.  

A winter wind blows remnants of last night’s snowstorm across car windows, and out in the distance the clouds have opened up to let the sun highlight the beauty of this industrial town.

The future of shipping logistics is unfolding in Reno, and it has more to do with OnTrac’s great customer service than one might think.

At OnTrac, it’s all about exceeding customer expectations, and on Thursday, March 1, the company’s efforts were recognized by Newgistics Inc., a shipping company that provides small parcel delivery and return solutions and offers shippers new opportunities to increase customer loyalty and improve efficiency.

After 12 months of performance evaluation of more than 30 different regions, Newgistics presented the first annual Courier of the Year award to OnTrac at the Reno facility.

Of all the couriers in the 30 regions evaluated, the Reno facility was the only one to break the 90th percentile, receiving a score of 94 out of 100-- the average score of this evaluation was in the 60s. 

The combined effort of OnTrac’s senior management and Reno’s PM Operations Manager Galin Brooks, who acted as the main point of contact between Newgistics and the OnTrac Reno facility, enabled OnTrac to provide the best on-time pickup and delivery percentage of all the couriers being evaluated.

OnTrac Receives 2011 Courier of the YearPictured (left to right): Mark Cronkrite, Todd Royer, and Galin Brooks

 “This is a pretty significant accomplishment,” Senior Manager Transportation Brad Hoff said. “The Reno facility competed with close to 30 other regions over a period of twelve months, and had the highest score during that time. Their score establishes accountability and sets the bar that much higher for years to come.”

Among other things, couriers were evaluated on time in transit, delivery volume, pickup volume and cycle time.

“Reno is the consolidation point for what goes through Newgistics,” General Manager Todd Royer said. “I think a big part of this award has to do with the relationship we have developed with them. They know they can pick up the phone and call us and they will get a resolution. I don’t think they have that with anyone else.”

With this award, OnTrac was named the best company overall for on time delivery and on time returns, both crucial factors that lead back to the most important part of the Newgistics business model: customer service.

OnTrac Wins 2011 Courier of the Year

“The customer service OnTrac provides is outstanding,” Hoff said. “The whole thing is about the customer experience, and we want a perfect customer experience-- that is what they did for us. As far as I’m concerned, it validates why they’re number one and why the relationship needs to stay in place for a long time.”

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