OnTrac Customer Profile: Nuts.com

Posted on Jan 11, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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Nuts.com with L3.jpgWhat began as a small nut shop in the late 1920s, has expanded into a fully operational business servicing customers across the country with a team of 200 employees and over 3,000 products… now that’s NUTS!

OnTrac had the opportunity to connect with one of our customers, Nuts.com. In this video, Jeff Braverman, the “Chief Nut” of this amazing brand, shares the story of how Nuts.com came to be what it is today.

Nuts.com b & w 3.jpg Nuts.com b & w 2.jpg

In 1929, on the brink of the Depression, Jeff’s father and grandfather “Poppy” Sol took a leap of faith and started a small nut company in Newark, New Jersey formally known as the Newark Nut Company. The determination of the two men is what launched the Newark Nut Company into success. They began selling premium bulk nuts and dried fruit and quickly developed a reputation of providing the very finest and freshest nuts available.

In 1999, Jeff launched NutsOnline to bring a savory selection of more than 2,000 items right to customer’s doors. By 2011, NutsOnline became pretty well known across North America for great quality and service across a growing product offering. Their slogan, "We're more than just nuts," continued to ring true.

Nuts.com boxes.jpg

With several fans shortening the NutsOnline name to just Nuts.com consistently, sparked the change to the company name in January 2012. Despite the name change, they are still the same - the same family, the same values, the same quality, and the same level of care.

Now, over eight decades later, Jeff’s cousin David and himself represent the third generation of the family-owned business. Although much has changed, the philosophy has not, and they continue the family tradition of providing the same superb quality and service as in the past. Their customers, some in their 80's and 90's, still rave about the splendid quality and luscious flavor of the products that have made their company famous throughout the years.

Nuts.com on conveyor.jpg Nuts.com workers.jpg

The West Coast is a large market for Nuts.com and also a large market for OnTrac. Together OnTrac and Nuts.com have built a solid foundation of taking care of the customer and making sure that their deliveries are in the customer’s hands faster and more efficiently. Carolee Strong, Nuts.com Operations Manager at the Sparks, Nevada facility, says OnTrac is their number one carrier and customers receive everything they order the next day. OnTrac does about 95% of business in the Nuts.com Sparks, Nevada facility. They pick, pack and ship out the door with OnTrac.

Nuts.com exterior.jpg

Jeff says “It wasn’t just about getting out West, it was really trying to push that one-day footprint. It’s really cool to be sitting in Reno, Nevada and be able to hit the places on the West coast in one day. The proof is in the pudding our facilities are directly across the street from OnTrac.”

Nuts.com and OnTrac from OnTrac on Vimeo.

For more information on Nuts.com, please visit their website, YouTube Channel, and social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don't forget to enter the Get Fit, Be Healthy, Stay OnTrac photo contest. Visit our blog post to read all of the details or click here to go directly to the contest page. Three winners will win a Nuts.com healthy prize pack!

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Enter OnTrac's Show Us Your Wheels Video Contest

Posted on Aug 18, 2016 3:33:30 PM


Our customer profile video with Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is live! The video was recently released on our website and the Think Outside the Box blog. To celebrate our customer spotlight release with Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, an off-road retailer, we are hosting our own off-road video contest called Show Us Your Wheels for a chance to win a $100 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC gift card. The contest runs from 8/16/16 9 a.m. PST to 9/10/16 11:59 p.m. PST. 

If you love motocross or the off-road lifestyle we bet you have taken a few videos of your wheels or your friend's wheels. Consider entering your video to the OnTrac Show Us Your Wheels Contest for a chance to win a $100 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC gift card. The eligible “wheels” the contest refers to includes ATVs, dirt bikes, UTVs, ADV/Dual Sport and motorcycles. Other wheels not listed won’t be considered in the voting process. Once the video is submitted, share your entry with family and friends asking them to vote for your wheels for a chance to win the grand prize. We encourage all to enter and submit their videos, however, OnTrac and Rocky Mountain ATV/MC employees are ineligible to win the prize. Don’t forget to show us your wheels and ride on!

For more information and contest rules click here

There are 2 ways to enter:


1. Click here

2. Fill out the entry form

3. Submit your video URL**

4. Share entry to friends and family

5. Vote for your favorite #MyWheels video

6. Stay tuned for the winner


1. Upload your video to Twitter or Instagram**

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**public profiles only

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OnTrac Customer Profile: Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Posted on Aug 15, 2016 11:57:39 AM

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is an off-road retailer primarily selling products online. Headquartered in the southwest, there is one showroom in Payson, Utah and another in Winchester, Kentucky in order to service their customers throughout the United States. Their products vary from items as large as ATV’s, dirt bikes, motorcycles, side by sides, tires, etc. to items as small as nuts and bolts, as well as, riding gear and casual apparel.


Business started the year of 1985 by CEO and founder, Dan Thomas in a small, one room warehouse. Thirty years later Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has grown to an international business shipping thousands of SKUs a day. The majority of their customer base receives their products within two days of placing an order regardless of where they are located in the U.S.

California is a large market for Rocky Mountain ATV/MC and also a large market for OnTrac. Together OnTrac and Rocky Mountain ATV/MC have built a solid foundation of taking care of the customer and making sure that their deliveries are in the customer’s hands quicker.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Operations Manager Aaron Bezzant says, “We’re looking for partners who bring a lot of value to our business and one of those is OnTrac. They’re very flexible, willing to work with us, [and] do whatever is necessary to take care of the customer.”

Above all else, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is based around an industry where consumers are using their products to create an enjoyable experience. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Product Development Eric Nelson says, “It is all focused on fun.” The video perfectly depicts the fun that they represent for their customers and the community that they are involved in.


For more information on Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, please visit their website, YouTube Channel, and social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Customer Profile: Crystal Creek

Posted on Dec 4, 2013 1:25:00 PM

Time in transit is an important consideration for any company these days—with the influx of online shopping and the constant evolution of deals and offers, competition continues to rise.

Crystal Creek Logo

But for Crystal Creek Logistics, a third party logistics company specializing in frozen fulfillment, saving time in transit is more than just another deal—it's their business.

"When shipping frozen products, our primary concern is focused on ensuring that we have sufficient ice in a package so all products are frozen solid upon arrival," Cathy Hayward-Hughes, President and General Manager of Crystal Creek Logistics said. "Most of our clients determine the time in transit expectations. We realize that most customers want their order as soon as possible. We use whatever carrier best meets these needs for the areas from which we ship."

Extensive experience and industry know-how enables Crystal Creek employees to fill the back-end needs for internet retail companies and provide a "best in class" option for their customers. 

"There is added value for our business from the get-go," Hayward-Hughes said. "Our business model frees our customers up and allows them to spend time sourcing, selling, or manufacturing products, instead of warehousing, inventorying and packing orders. They can operate with fewer employees, less overhead, fewer infrastructures, and most importantly reduced operating costs. By shifting system upgrade costs to a third party, capital is freed up for strategic investments."

This type of industry know-how, coupled with a strong drive to show appreciation for customers and word of mouth marketing has enabled Crystal Creek to see 30% year over year growth.

"We focus on providing top notch service to our client and our client’s customers," Hayward-Hughes said. "We do what we can to be the eyes of the client to identify any opportunities for improvement. Our many years in the industry allow us to assist with packaging and shipping refinements for our clients to make an ever improving end customer experience."

It is this continuous effort to improve the customer experience and the unique need that shipping temperature sensitive products requires that led Crystal Creek to OnTrac.

Among the ever-present challenges in any operation, are the associated costs of delivery and the immediacy with which packages are delivered to customers, especially in a niche market like frozen food. The direct to consumer shipping industry will continue to grow and the need to provide a sophisticated and reliable level of service will be paramount to the success of a company like Crystal Creek.

"OnTrac has provided us with an opportunity that we had previously lacked," she said. "Shipping with a regional carrier has greatly enhanced the value of our location in Northern Washington, which arguably had been a bit of a disadvantage for us."

Diversifying their shipping portfolio has enabled Crystal Creek to focus on one of the main successes of their business—customer service and improved satisfaction.

"We are extremely happy to have a new addition to our carrier selection," Hayward-Hughes said. "We feel that we will be able to offer our clients a considerable savings by adding OnTrac to our mix. Whenever we can improve the options for our clients, we free up money for them to increase product offerings, to improve processes and to offer a better value to their customer creating a win – win for everyone involved."

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