New Facility Opens with 40% Increase in Employees

Posted on Aug 24, 2018 10:51:03 AM

OnTrac has opened the doors to their newest Southern California facility at a grand opening event that took place on June 21st. Approximately 65 guests attended the fiesta-themed event to enjoy Mexican food, watch presentations by OnTrac leadership, City officials and the local Chamber of Commerce. A ribbon cutting ceremony followed the presentations, and after a celebration with confetti guests were invited on a tour of the new building.


One speaker at the event, OnTrac Director of Engineering Jim Brownlow was able to give guests full details of the new building’s material handling systems capabilities. The Sun Valley material handling system was built for efficiency and expansion.  A more efficient system allows for packages to travel through the building and get on the road to their destination much quicker.  The new Sun Valley facility is roughly 250,000 square feet, and provides 6 unload doors and 5 load doors. This allows packages to get unloaded, sorted, on the road, and in the customer’s hands quickly and more efficiently.


In order to accommodate the new loading capabilities, the Primary Source Slide System operates in 5 different ways. This allows sorters to send packages 5 ways throughout the facility. The new material handling system allows for 9,000 packages to be sorted an hour, and that can expand up to 13,000 an hour. 38 motors power 2,700 feet of conveyor, and 5,500 feet of belting throughout the building. That is the equivalent to the length of roughly 24 football fields. With this new system, OnTrac has the capacity to handle the packages we have today, and room for growth in the future.


OnTrac is proud to be a member of the Southern California community and to contribute to the economic growth, job creation and career opportunities in Sun Valley. The number of employees has increased by 40%, totaling in over 100 employees in the Burbank facility. OnTrac is now offering opportunities such as AM and PM Package Handlers and Driver Checkout Clerk at the Sun Valley location. For more information and to apply, please go to

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OnTrac Opens Facility in Henderson, NV

Posted on Oct 20, 2015 6:00:00 AM

OnTrac is moving its Las Vegas facility to Henderson, Nevada. The new Henderson facility triples the size of the former Las Vegas facility, increasing from 42,000 square feet to 130,000 square feet.  The additional square feet are required due to the company’s growth in the Southern Nevada market.

The new facility will have a material handling system that will provide greater warehouse and delivery efficiencies. In addition, the Henderson facility has six unload and 14 load dock doors that will allow additional truck loads to move more efficiently in and out of the facility. The former Las Vegas facility only had four dock doors total. Las Vegas General Manager Shawn Rush said, “It’s a very exciting time to be at OnTrac. The facility move to Henderson will allow for service improvements and efficiencies while creating a better work environment for all employees. Plus the growth in Nevada alone will allow for OnTrac to expand upon our services while providing employment opportunities for the Henderson community.”

OnTrac may be hiring new employees to fill the facility. Currently at the Las Vegas facility there are 63 employees, while dispatching 61 service providers. The facility is located at 551 Courier Street, Henderson, Nevada 89011.

OnTrac is excited for the growth potential and the ability to get involved with the Henderson community. A member of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, OnTrac looks forward to supporting local business as well. Henderson Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Scott Muelrath said, “With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, OnTrac is a welcome addition to the Southern Nevada business community for competitive pricing and proven delivery service.  Welcome to Henderson OnTrac!”

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OnTrac Announces Boise Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting

Posted on Apr 2, 2014 12:00:00 PM

OnTrac, the leader in regional overnight package delivery service in the eight Western States, is celebrating its one year anniversary of opening service to Idaho on April 2, 2014. With the Boise Chamber of Commerce, OnTrac hosted a Ribbon Cutting and Open House in its recently acquired larger facility space.

Boise Ribbon Cutting - Grand Opening

"The new space in the building allows OnTrac to have adequate office space and warehouse for our business to grow over the next five years," General Manager Bob Burkett said. "The old office space was not sufficient for the current needs or future growth."

From Boise, OnTrac is able to give its customers overnight delivery within Idaho and to the major metropolitan areas of Washington, Oregon, Reno and Utah overnight, with two day shipping to California, Arizona and Colorado.

"Overnight deliveries are crucial for cities like Boise that are geographically isolated," Mayor David Bieter said. "I welcome OnTrac and their vital services to Boise and am thrilled that they share my optimism for Boise’s bright economic future."

The addition of Boise to our service area in 2013 increased our service area to eight states and more than 60 million consumers. With the new facility in Boise, OnTrac is able to continue in our efforts to provide the highest quality service at the lowest rates with the fastest time in transit in our service area.

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OnTrac Growth Creates Business Opportunities in Visalia

Posted on Feb 13, 2014 12:02:00 PM

Due to steady growth, OnTrac, the largest regional overnight delivery company in the eight Western States, has new business opportunities for independent owner-operator service providers. OnTrac contracts with local area transportation companies to supply OnTrac customers' local pickup and delivery service needs.

To facilitate immediate contracting and rate negotiations with owner-operators, OnTrac is hosting a Transportation Open House along with local area transportation companies at its Visalia operating facility from 9am to 1pm on February 15, 2014. OnTrac, and the local area transportation companies that will be represented at the open house, offer generous business plans with multiple incentives. Owner-operator contractors must have straight trucks of any size, cargo vans, package cars, sprinters or a tractor.

The open house will offer an opportunity for owner operator contractors to discuss additional opportunities the companies currently have available in the Ontario, Los Angeles, Burbank, Orange County, San Diego county and Ventura counties.

Contact  with questions about the OnTrac hosted open house, or about how to start doing business with OnTrac. All interested qualified transportation vendors and owner operators are invited to attend our Transportation Business Opportunity Open House at:

2247 N Plaza Drive, Suite D

Visalia, CA 93291

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OnTrac Opens New Operation in Visalia

Posted on Jan 15, 2014 8:14:00 AM

Due to rapid growth, OnTrac, the leader in regional overnight package delivery, is expanding its operation in Visalia.

The new building will consolidate the existing Fresno, Visalia, and Kettleman City operations under a single roof and will be OnTrac's largest facility in the Central Valley.

"We are truly excited about the increased capabilities that this new facility brings to us," Regional General Manager Ian Burton said. "The consolidation of operations will optimize service by increasing efficiency and will provide our customers the high standard of service they expect from a regional carrier. We are confident that these increased capabilities will give us the ability to both reduce cost and improve service."

The facility includes four times as many dock doors as the previous Visalia operation, enabling OnTrac to move packages more efficiently and offer its customers faster service. From Visalia, OnTrac is able to reach every ZIP Code in California and the major metropolitan areas in Nevada overnight, with two-day shipping to Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado and Idaho.

"The City of Visalia welcomes OnTrac's new 90,000 square foot facility to our Industrial Park, the largest in the region for the overnight package delivery company," Visalia Mayor Steve Nelsen said. "The additional employees OnTrac will bring to the City is a welcome boost to the local economy."

Faster deliveries and more aggressive rates are a welcome concept for any business these days. This upgrade comes as a direct response to the increasing number of businesses choosing OnTrac for all their overnight, guaranteed delivery needs. OnTrac is proud to offer the highest quality of service at the most competitive rates. 

packages on conveyer

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OnTrac Implements Material Handling, Expands Operations in Hayward

Posted on Aug 1, 2013 9:35:00 AM

OnTrac is expanding its presence in key markets to better serve customers' regional supply chain needs.

As part of this expansion, OnTrac has announced its Hayward operation moving to a new location. The new building, a 116,000 square foot increase from its previous operation, is located at 41460 Boyce Rd, Fremont, CA. 94538 and will act as the Inter-Regional Hub for Northern California operations.

Thirty-nine dock doors positioned for both inbound and outbound trailer loads, the new material handling system will improve operational capacity, process rates, and improve efficiency for our customers in the East Bay. 

The increased space and newly implemented material handling system will increase package flow and have five times the capacity of the previous facility.

As OnTrac’s Inter-Regional Hub for Northern California operations, the Hayward facility with service the east Bay cities of Oakland, Hayward, Fremont, Pleasanton, Livermore, and San Ramon.

From Hayward, OnTrac customers can get overnight delivery to any ZIP Code in California and the major metropolitan areas of Nevada, with two-day shipping to the rest of its 8-state service area.

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OnTrac International Mail

Posted on Apr 26, 2013 3:06:00 PM


                      OnTrac International Mail

OnTrac International is a worldwide mail distributor specializing in efficient mail preparation for delivery to over 240 countries worldwide.  Formerly EMI Worldwide, the company has assumed the corporate name in order to bring its business to the next level.   

“While our company has not experienced what some might call ‘explosive’ growth, we have grown year after year showing a steady pattern of gains in both revenue and in contribution,” Vice President and General Manager Blaine Fyksen said. “It is vitally important for us to maintain financial well-being, while at the same time remaining competitive in the market place. “

OnTrac International began as Express Messenger International on April 8, 1996, as one of three divisions under Express Messenger, Inc. Located in New Brighton, Minnesota; EMI quickly established itself as a dependable and reliable international distributor of mail to more than 240 countries worldwide.

It is the dedicated and steadfast staff that Fyksen credits with making the difference in OnTrac International’s success.

“Each and every one of us strives to perform our functions in a professional like manner with the highest degree of accuracy,” Fyksen said. “I am continually complemented by our customers about the great service they receive from our sales and operations team alike.”

As an approved USPS Postal Qualified Wholesaler, OnTrac International is able to pass significant postal savings onto customers.  By allowing account managers to assist in the design stage and address layout, customers may reduce their postage costs even further. 

We currently pick up mail from anywhere in the country and prepare it for delivery through a postal authority in the country of destination.  We have address correction software in house for customers that wish to have their files corrected prior to mailing.  Mail destined to Canada can be sorted in walk sequence order that allows for a higher degree of delivery and to increase discounts.

“The current OnTrac infrastructure will not only allow us to offer international mail and parcel services across a much larger geographical spectrum, but it will help to reduce cost and improve service at the same time.” Fyksen said. “We are very excited and enthusiastic about our new expansion and the unlimited possibilities this presents to us,”

Their customers can be virtually any business sending a minimum of 10 pounds of mail to almost any country in the world. Printers, marketing and advertising agencies, publications, and banks make up the bulk of our customers.

Typical large volume mailings will be over 50,000 pieces, while some have gone over 1 million pieces.

OnTrac is expanding its services to meet the needs of its customers. The three divisions of OnTrac-- Overnight, Messenger and now International-- offer customers a broad range of services and encompass an extensive geographical area. With over 58 million total packages delivered last year, the company prides itself in its ability to give shippers an alternative delivery service and a competitive advantage. 

“I think that in the short term, our OnTrac infrastructure offers a great opportunity to expand into the same 8-state market they are currently in,” Fyksen said. “The OnTrac facilities, vehicles and personnel are outstanding. I believe that they will be the benchmark in the industry that sets the standards for all competitors.  We are very pleased to be a part of this organization.”


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OnTrac Growth Leads to Expansion, Jobs in California

Posted on Apr 2, 2013 1:27:00 PM

Due to rapid growth, OnTrac, the leader in regional overnight package delivery, is expanding its Southern California market. Its Commerce facility has moved into a building that is six times larger than its previous operation. 

“The Commerce facility helps to reduce the time and distance our service providers have to travel in order to make deliveries, which in turn gets packages to our customers in a more expedient and efficient manner,” said OnTrac Vice President of Operations Mark Cronkrite, “In today’s economy, many customers are looking to save both time and money.  Regional carriers help with both and this new facility solidifies that.”

OnTrac Facility Conveyer

The flagship building hired almost 50 new sorters throughout December and January and now employs 128 local residents who operate a full material handling system. The operation includes three times as many dock doors, enabling OnTrac to move packages more efficiently and offer its customers faster service, while a 165 foot truck turning radius, 59 high dock positions, a 100 percent concrete truck court, two large ground level ramps, abundant trailer storage and a central Los Angeles location will enable this new facility to increase productivity.

The OnTrac Commerce facility resides at the following address:

5959 Randolph Street

Commerce, CA


Faster deliveries and more aggressive rates are a welcome concept for any business these days.  This upgrade comes as a direct response to the increasing number of businesses choosing OnTrac for all their overnight, guaranteed delivery needs.  OnTrac is proud to offer the highest quality of service at the most competitive rates. 

About OnTrac

OnTrac is a Phoenix, Arizona based company that provides overnight shipping at ground rates to businesses and consumers in the major metropolitan areas of California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Idaho. The three divisions of OnTrac, Overnight, Messenger and now International, offer customers a broad range of services and encompass an extensive geographical area. OnTrac has supported each one of our shipments with a Money Back Service Guarantee since we started our overnight division in 1991. As a SmartWay partner, OnTrac promises to do its part to save the environment, getting your shipments there with cleaner air.  For more information on OnTrac, please call 800.334.5000 or visit us online at

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