OnTrac “Delivering Hope” Promotion to Donate $1,000 to Winning Charity

Posted on Nov 6, 2015 12:42:15 PM

Today OnTrac launched its Delivering Hope sweepstakes; organized to allow businesses the opportunity to give back to their charity of choice.

Holidays are known as the season of giving back. Now through Thursday, December 3, businesses are suggested to participate by visiting OnTrac’s Facebook page and entering the sweepstakes. A nomination of the elected charity is required within 250 words or less. One grand prize winner will be randomly selected to receive a prize of $1,000 to donate to the nominated charity. OnTrac will make a donation on behalf of the company.

“One of our company initiatives that is near and dear to me personally is OnTrac Delivering Hope,” says OnTrac Vice President Laura Peterson. “This is our way as a company to not only give back to a beloved charitable cause, but to also spread the word about the many charities that need help this time of the year.”

To enter the Delivering Hope contest, please visit www.facebook.com/OnTracShipping and visit the contest tab. Entrants must be a registered business or organization represented by the person submitting the form. Shared entries via social media will provide the entrant bonus entries. Each nomination form must include #OnTracDeliveringHope, and each charity must be listed under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) or other applicable law as a non-profit entity. Photos submitted with the nomination form are optional. Contest ends December 3 and winners will be contacted via email and announced within seven days. For important terms, conditions and Official Rules please visit woobox.com/ry57ff.

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Blue & Gold Saves Green. OnTrac & the SmartWay Transport Partnership

Posted on Mar 26, 2015 1:15:00 PM
earthDay finalgraphicEarth Day is just a few weeks away, and it's a great time to explore how OnTrac is doing its part to reduce transportation-related carbon, energy use, and air emissions.

Trucking companies are responsible for 84% of the commercial transportation industry–about 5% of America's GDP. Truckers log about 93.5 billion highway miles per year in the US, enough to circle the globe almost 4 million times! Ground transportation is a core part of our economy and way of life, and it needs to be done responsibly. 

Queue SmartWay 
SmartWay is a voluntary program developed by the US Environmental Protection Agency for improving fuel efficiency and reducing greenhouse gasses. Since 2004, actions taken by SmartWay Transport Partners have saved over 120 million barrels of oil, the equivalent of taking 10 million cars off the road for an entire year! 

"SmartWay offers shippers and their carriers a win-win-win situation," SmartWay Logosays
Casey Chroust, former Executive Vice President for the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA). "The reason is very simple. It reduces transportation costs, it increases supply chain efficiency, and it reduces the environmental footprint." 

SmartWay Transport Partners 
More than 3,000 shippers and carriers including OnTrac are active SmartWay Transport Partners, and have contributed to lowering CO2 emissions by 51.6 million metric tons. That's the same as the amount of CO2 emitted from burning 276,000 railcars full of coal. 

Companies use reporting tools developed by the EPA to archive their environmental efficiency, and adopt new and SmartWay-approved technologies and practices to save money and the environment. When it comes to Ground shipping, OnTrac and other carriers have added some of these great features to their fleets: 
  • Newer tractors with lower emissions and better fuel economy. Tractor models are 2007 or newer, and their engines are designated to meet U.S. EPA NOx/PM emission requirements. 
  • Low Rolling Resistant (LRR) tires. Rolling resistance is the force a tire needs to keep moving down the road; the lower the resistance, the greater the fuel economy. LRR tires can improve fuel economy by 3% when properly maintained. 
  • Aerodynamics. Tractors and trailers have fairing, or panels, that reduce drag on the fuel tank, cab roof, and below the trailer. Mirrors and bumpers also have aerodynamic designs. 
  • Idling Controls. Tractors have sources of auxiliary power, such as a generator or battery, to operate heating, cooling and electronic equipment. No need to keep the engine running. 

The Fleet of Tomorrow, Today 
Equipment performance guidelines are only a part of what OnTrac and other SmartWay carriers are doing to improve sustainability. Technology continues to play a big role in the supply chain as carriers use things like GPS-enabled trailers and route optimization software to reduce empty and partial miles, making every line haul count. 

Responsible shipping is important,  SmartWay Environment Guidelinesand SmartWay Transport Partners like OnTrac recognize that sustainability impacts more than just the environment. Newer equipment means fast and reliable ground delivery. Greater efficiencies directly impact our ability to offer more affordable ground shipping rates. And affordable shipping rates allow companies to give you the best deal possible. Now that's a win-win-win situation.

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Streamline your Shipping Process with OnTrac

Posted on Jul 1, 2014 2:05:00 PM

What is a Multi-Carrier Software Provider?

Multi-Carrier Software Providers

help to make shipping efficient by planning and executing shipment deliveries across the supply chain. With one source to manage all shipping vendors, users can build custom rules based on rates and time in transit; helping to reduce costs and offering a better customer experience.  

We are proud of our partnerships with the most popular Multi-Carrier Software Providers , who support certified OnTrac Shipping Modules. For a complete list of the OnTrac supported shipping modules please visit http://www.ontrac.com/onlineShipMultiShip.asp.

If you are not currently utilizing a Multi-Carrier Software we encourage you to investigate your options. The holidays are just around the corner, adding in a shipping software solution NOW will make peak season easier to manage.  

OnTrac Vice President of Business Development Mark Magill noted that guaranteed next-day delivery at Ground rates to Zone 4 destinations that are 500-600 miles from your distribution center means that next peak season, when Christmas is on a Thursday, a regional parcel carrier can pick your shipments up on Tuesday December 23 and deliver them on Christmas Eve, just as they do the other 249 shipping days of the year.

This will happen even if the pick-up point is in Boston and your customer is located in Washington, DC. In fact, to enhance their service offering (and your customer experience), some large regional parcel carriers are even providing Sunday (Ground) pickups with Monday delivery!

This will be especially helpful in years when there are fewer shipping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. (Keep in mind that in 2013, there were 17 shipping days in that time period and this year there will still only be 18).

It is time to start planning for the upcoming holiday season. By adding Regional Carriers and a Multi-Carrier Software solution to your operation, efficiencies will be improved and cost will be reduced.


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OnTrac Showcases Faster, More Affordable Ground Delivery at IRCE

Posted on Jun 3, 2013 1:09:00 PM
OnTrac will be exhibiting at the 9th annual Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) June 4th through 7that McCormick Place West in Chicago, IL. 

Internet Retailer Banner

IRCE, the world’s largest e-commerce event, will analyze the social, mobile, global, personal, interactive and managerial changes that e-Commerce players are bringing to the new retail economy. This is a major educational event that offers online retailing and wholesaling professionals and consumer marketers the insights and analysis they need to give their businesses a competitive advantage in this expanded world of possibilities.

OnTrac Ground reaches more ground destinations in the 8 Western United States next day, giving Internet Retailers greater flexibility to use shipping as a promotional tool or profit center.  Shippers also benefit from lower fees and fewer surcharges, which represent a significant savings over national carriers.

"Free shipping is not enough,” said Mark Magill, Director of Business Development at OnTrac.  “In an industry where free shipping has come to be expected, online retailers must play to the beat of a generation that not only wants things faster, but for a cheaper price. Regional carriers are the perfect solution. With faster transit times and fewer fees than national delivery companies, regional carriers can often save time and money."

From its Distribution Center in Reno, NV, OnTrac is able to reach every ZIP Code in the state of California and the major metropolitan areas of Arizona, Nevada and Utah overnight, with 2-day service to Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Idaho.

OnTrac will be showcasing its faster, more affordable Ground delivery service in booth #1708-1710 and raffling off a Kindle to those who visit its booth.

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Regional Carriers ~ The Peak Season Solution

Posted on Oct 16, 2012 12:30:00 PM

The Peak Season Solution

It's Friday, December 21 at 6:00 PM, and you’re the distribution manager of a large e-commerce company. The national carrier’s last truck has just pulled away from your distribution center dock and you’re wondering how you’re going to get all the packages you have yet to process delivered by Monday the day before Christmas. Cyber Monday seems like a distant memory but you’ve still got this last peak season hurdle to surmount. What do you do?

While none of us has the luxury of a time machine to go back and change things, one course of action you could have taken was to add a regional parcel carrier to your carrier mix before the start of peak season. The regional parcel carriers operate in most large population centers and link the major cities of the US with next day delivery at Ground rates at distances up to 600 miles from their point of origin.

As their customers know, flexibility is the hallmark of regional parcel carriers. One of the most competitive features they offer is much later pick up times than the national carriers. That forlorn distribution manager could have had a regional parcel carrier pick up at 8:00 pm and still have satisfied his customers with shipments delivered by Monday December 24th.

Shipping Season OnTrac
In fact, some regional parcel carriers offer their very largest customers pick-ups on Sunday with delivery on Monday to Zone 4 destinations over 500 miles away. They also offer midnight pick-ups with deliveries that same day to Zone 2 destinations. This level of flexibility can provide your company with a huge advantage over your competitors. The very largest shippers are well aware of this and use regional parcel carriers accordingly.

The reason regional parcel carriers are able to offer this level of flexibility is because they are not tied to huge intra-continental line haul systems. Those networks often involve intermodal transport with limited departure schedules. The regional carriers operate on localized hub and spoke systems that link major metropolitan areas like Minneapolis with Chicago using tractor trailer line hauls with frequent departures.

Implementing the regional parcel carriers is much easier than you might think. They all have IT teams in place to help integrate with your shipping systems. And many of them have partnered with multi-carrier shipping software providers to create shipping modules that are the closest thing to plug and play in the shipping system world. And if you are concerned about limited dock door space, keep in mind that since the regional carriers can pick up much later than the national carriers, you can arrange a time for them to come after the national carriers have already departed from your facility.

Mark Magill, Director of Business Development, OnTracNow is the time to contact your local regional parcel carrier. The clock is ticking, it’s now October and on the day I wrote this article, there were only 55 shipping days left until Christmas!

For more information and to view this and other articles, click here.

Author:  Mark Magill, Director of Business Development, OnTrac

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Go Green, Ship Regional!

Posted on Apr 5, 2012 3:06:00 PM

It’s no secret that one of the many ways to lead a more “green” lifestyle is to buy local—bypass the big name brands, and opt for something that instead supports the resident economy, creates jobs, helps the environment, and saves energy.


At OnTrac, we want to invite you to take it a step further.

In honor of Earth Day,

we are encouraging you to take a look at regional carriers—not only as a cheaper, faster way to ship, but in many cases, as a greener option as well.

At OnTrac, we care about the planet. That's why we've taken big steps to go green by reducing emissions on our fleet of vehicles, optimizing driver routes, and much more.

On a day founded to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment, it is imperative to be aware of our role and efforts to conserve—we know giving back doesn’t always mean giving up. These days, small individual contributions and personal lifestyle changes can help greatly.

Through our promotion of electronic waybills, we save paper and thousands of trees every year. OnTrac also optimizes driver delivery routes, and our leased trucks enable us to continue to have the newest, most efficient vehicles, greatly reducing our carbon footprint.

This year, we’re taking it a step further.

In conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency's Cell Phone Recycling Week, OnTrac offers internal employees the opportunity to recycle and or dispose of old cell phones and PDA devices properly, per the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.  

Cell phones are sent to cell phone recycling companies like Full Circle Wireless, Pace Butler and Cell Phone Cycle where they are recycled, reused or turned into cash to help support charitable causes like the American Diabetes Association, Children's Miracle Work, the Coalition Against Domestic Violence and many more organizations.  The funds have also been used to help the following causes:

  •  Sending Missionaries to China
  •  Treating malnourished children in Asia after the 2004 Tsunami
  •  Building new homes for low-income families
  •  Providing overseas military men and women with pre-paid phone calling cards

Cell phones and PDAs are made of precious metals, copper and plastics - all of which require energy to mine and manufacture.  Recycling cell phones helps the environment by saving energy and keeping usable materials out of landfills. Instead, these materials are conserved so that they can be turned into new products.

Earth Day invites both citizens and businesses to take a step back and remember that we all share the same planet, and sharing the Earth means taking responsibility for what we use and how we use it.   It is a day to think of the environmental challenges we face and how to solve them.

Feel good about the environment and save up to 40% on overnight delivery with OnTrac.



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The Holiday Season is Here. Are You Ready to Ship?

Posted on Nov 10, 2011 1:43:00 PM

It’s about that time—Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, so it’s time to start planning. Consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to free shipping, and if you don’t offer it, comScore says you may have some reconsidering to do. According to their July 2011 survey, 82% of consumers consider free shipping “somewhat important” or “very important” when making a purchase online. Yet, only 43% of online retailers are offering free shipping as of Q2 2011. Could this be your chance to leap ahead of the competition?

ontrac winter

The eCommerce industry is booming—there’s no doubt. Since last year, online sales dollars are up 14%, the number of buyers is up 17%, and the number of online purchases is up an astounding 22%. With more people turning to the internet to get their shopping done, offering free shipping allows you to separate yourself from the competition. With trends like Free Shipping Day on the rise, can you afford not to offer free shipping?

That’s where OnTrac comes in. We’re here to help you get your shipments from point A to B, and as quickly as possible. OnTrac not only lowers your shipping costs by offering lower rates and fewer fees, but we also allow you to save a transit day over the national carriers. OnTrac Ground Service is a great option for people who don’t want to wait to get their purchases, as most shipments arrive in two days. For those who cannot wait to get their shipments, we also offer earlier deliveries with our Sunrise and Sunrise Gold services. All of our shipping services are backed by our Money-Back Service Guarantee.

Bells are ringing, children singing, and you’ve got a big smile on your face—all because you know you’re saving a sleigh-full of cash this holiday season.

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OnTrac in Colorado: Mile-High Service, Lower Fees!

Posted on Sep 1, 2011 2:06:00 PM

OnTrac is proud to announce the addition of Colorado to our service area! We’re offering service in the major metropolitan areas of Colorado to and from the rest of our service area—meaning your shipments get to California a full day faster than with national carriers.

OnTrac is now Serving Colorado

Adding Colorado to our service area allows you to serve more customers in more states, and at faster transit times! Colorado not only grows our service area to 7 states, but it grows our population serviced to nearly 60 million people. We also service all of California, and all the major metropolitan areas of Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah and now, Colorado. OnTrac is the solution for your regional carrier needs in the West!

With OnTrac, you know you’ll get lower fees, fewer surcharges, and faster transit times than the national carrier options. To make it even easier for you, our new Ground Service uses the same zones as national carriers, making it easier to integrate OnTrac in to your existing shipping workflow.

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What Are You Missing Out on with National Carriers?

Posted on Aug 29, 2011 4:17:00 PM

Multichannel Merchant recently published an article about regional carriers and their many benefits. A growing trend in the shipping industry has been higher accessorial fees and surcharges, especially from national carriers. Regional carriers have the ability to focus on a specific service area, and because of this, are able to provide better service to you and your customers.

OnTrac offers competitive rates and transit times that are often a day faster than the national carriers, meaning your shipment moves faster, and for less money. In an age where the bottom line and customer satisfaction are more important than ever, what are you missing out on?

Read the full article on Multichannel Merchant»

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In the Searing Heat, Chocolates à la Carte and OnTrac Keep it Cool.

Posted on Aug 19, 2011 12:00:00 PM

It’s hot out there, isn’t it? Shipping via ground in the heat of the summer is something that causes problems (and worry) for a lot of people. Fortunately, Chocolates à la Carte and OnTrac are taking the concern out of shipping something as delicate as chocolate in the exceptionally hot months of the summer. We spoke with them to get some insight on their revolutionary packaging techniques, and gain some knowledge that may be helpful to you as well.

OnTrac & Chocolates à la Carte


1. What kind of packaging techniques do you use to keep chocolate cold when it’s so hot out?
All of our shipments use an outer case with variations of inner cases holding the actual product.  The outers are designed to allow custom made insulated bags to be used as a liner.  The liners are rather simple, using reflective type bubble wrap.  We either use dry ice pellets bagged in zip lock bags or thin gel packs to line the space between the insulated bags and the outer shipper.

2. How did you figure these techniques out?
We actually tested the boxes with a print out thermometer in different temperature ranges with different amounts of dry ice or gel packs.  The unit prints out the interior temperature every 15 minutes.  Once graphed, we were able to determine what temperature range required what amount of ice or gel.  We are fortunate that we only require the product to stay below 68 degrees and not the low 30s for most refrigerated items.  

3. Do you have any tips for someone else who ships delicate products that need to stay cool?
Test in house first.  Stage everything needed first.  Case the items at the end or if you can, keep cases in a refrigerated environment just prior to shipment.  Ice gel packs freeze at normal freezing temperature (32 degrees) but if you get them even colder they will last longer. We use dry ice to freeze the gel packs.  Dry ice is -109.3 degrees and allows the gel packs to stay colder much longer.

Thanks to their innovative packaging techniques, Chocolates à la Carte’s products are guaranteed to arrive untouched by the searing summer heat. Shipping their products via OnTrac helps too, because we deliver their products within 2 days to our entire service area—so the package is only on the truck for a short amount of time. Shipping with OnTrac saves you time and money, now that’s sweet!

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