OnTrac Hiring Over 800 Positions Company Wide

Posted on Nov 11, 2016 12:22:26 PM


OnTrac experienced major growth this year and plans to continue the pattern into 2017. With peak season nearly in full swing, OnTrac is in the market to add a large number of new staff to our team for the holidays. This year alone, OnTrac has added over 1.1 million square feet of new warehouse space, which creates the need for a bigger workforce within the OnTrac facilities throughout the eight-state footprint it services.

OnTrac Vice President Dan Cronk says, “OnTrac is in a fortunate position to need employees due to company growth. Pair that growth with the peak season that OnTrac is heading into and that is directly related to the number of available positions. As a company, we are elated to welcome new team members to better service our great customers.”

peak2.jpg  peak3.jpg

The need to increase employment among all facilities directly relates to preparation for the 2016 peak holiday season. The majority of available positions are for temporary operational support roles, like part time package handlers, with the ability to move into a permanent role after the holiday peak season wraps. These positions are available at all OnTrac facilities with a variety of flexible shifts throughout the day and week.

Total available positions by OnTrac facility location are as follows:


Available Jobs

Northern California


South San Francisco, CA


San Jose, CA


Fremont, CA


Monterey, CA


Visalia, CA


Fresno, CA


Petaluma, CA


Santa Maria, CA


Stockton, CA


Concord, CA


Bakersfield, CA


Southern California


Commerce, CA


Orange, CA


San Diego, CA


Ontario, CA


Burbank, CA


Ventura, CA


Northwest and Southwest


Phoenix, AZ


Buckeye, AZ


Henderson, NV


Tucson, AZ


Salt Lake City, UT


Denver, CO


Boise, ID


Vancouver, WA


Seattle, WA


Reno, NV


Sacramento, CA


Total Operations


OnTrac offers multiple advantages to part time employees as well. One being Teledoc, which is a telehealth company that provides on-demand remote medical care through mobile devices, the internet, and video. Another perk is the compensation program, which is standard across all facilities and impacts the employee’s first 48 months of employment. During this time, the employee will receive routine raises every six months. Hourly pay and holiday pay can vary from facility to facility. The best feature to working with OnTrac in any role is the ability for career advancement. OnTrac takes pride in their company culture and has promoted package handlers to top management.

The opportunities don’t stop there, OnTrac is hiring for customer care agents at the Corporate Office in Chandler. These job openings are for full time employment and include full benefits. To search available career opportunities, please go to www.ontrac.com/careers.asp and apply online.

OnTrac is excited to make this year the best peak season yet. Get ready to join a team who Thinks Outside the Box.

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Finding the Perfect Fit-Let OnTrac Ship Your Apparel

Posted on Nov 4, 2014 10:33:00 AM

One of the biggest opportunities in the Apparel Industry is its ability to reach a multitude of consumers.

A company’s website might drive traffic to the store where clothes can be tried on and accessories can be matched up. Now that they have a sense of what the items look and feel like, they will be likely to return to the website for a future purchase.

The ability to see, touch and try products is one of the reasons the apparel industry is growing so quickly.

 According to eTail Insights, the apparel industry is predicted to make $86 billion in revenue by 2018 and have a 16% growth from 2013 to 2014.

With those numbers in mind, this holiday shipping season is sure to get busy.

For that reason, it is imperative to start making plans for your holiday shipping strategy now.

Your shipping portfolio should give you a variety of options, and your best bet it to multi-source your products. Don’t get stuck relying on a single carrier to get all your items delivered by the holidays.

Consider incorporating a regional carrier-if you haven’t yet, take advantage of their ability to offer the same level of service and provide a time in transit advantage.

During the holiday season, regional carrier’s ability to offer later pickup times enables you to increase productivity and process more packages per day, all at Ground Rates. 

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Faster Shipping: A Staple for Successful Retailers

Posted on Aug 1, 2013 9:29:00 AM

For most people, the first week of July is a time to welcome summer.

For students, it solidifies the fact that school is out—giving them a reprieve from the studying and early morning wakeup calls. For adults, it is a long weekend; a family barbeque or a day at the beach. It’s a red, white and blue event, complete with patriotic songs and vacation time. Bring on the fireworks. 

Bring on the sunshine, and the sales and the back-to-school coupons?

This year, while most people were enjoying their days off, letting the sun and the idea that school was out sink in, their mailboxes filled up with newspaper articles and advertisements highlighting back-to-school pitches from retailers—little reminders that, while school may have just ended for some, it’s never too early to start shopping for the new year.

And though, traditionally, consumers have begun their back-to-school shopping three-to-four weeks before school starts, this year, it’s different.

According to the National Retail Foundation, back-to-school and back-to-college spending accounts for $84 billion in sales, making this the second biggest season for retailers behind the $580 billion winter holidays.

Though sales were up 5.9 percent last year from 2011, retailers are allowing their customers time to shop around for the best deals—and the early start gives them more time to save for the holidays.

In a recent press release, Staples announced the launch of their #StaplesHasIt program, opening the back-to-school shopping season with their “Reward-A-Classroom” program—saving customers money, and rewarding teachers for all their hard work.

"Staples has it all for the back-to-school season, with tremendous savings and a huge selection of products that ranges from essential supplies to the latest technology," said Demos Parneros, president, North American stores and online, Staples. "Staples supports teachers and with our new Reward-A-Classroom program, we make it easy and affordable for parents and educators to work together to keep the classroom stocked all year long."

Staples makes it easy on customers to shop for supplies, and give back at the same time. With their diverse carrier mix, they’re also ensuring a quick delivery of those highly anticipated school supplies.

Without a worldwide infrastructure to support, regional parcel carriers like OnTrac in the 8 states out west, are able to keep prices competitive and its regional hub-and-spoke model enables customers to save time in transit; a welcome concept in the ever-changing, competitive eCommerce industry.

Their strategically located facilities and optimized routes make getting packages faster, easier.

“Free shipping is not enough,” Director of Business Development Mark Magill said. “e-Retailers now have to compete by offering faster shipping.  In an industry where free shipping has come to be expected, online retailers must play to the beat of a generation that not only wants things faster, but for a cheaper price.  Regional carriers are the perfect solution.  With faster transit times and fewer fees than national delivery companies, regional carriers can often save time and money."

From its Commerce facility, OnTrac is able to deliver overnight to every ZIP Code in California and the major metropolitan areas of Arizona and Nevada overnight, with two-day shipping to Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado and Idaho.

Plus, with less accessorial fees consumers can feel good about their back-to-school experience from shop to ship.

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It's Officially Return Season!

Posted on Jan 10, 2012 9:18:00 AM

OnTrac Truck

All the presents have been unwrapped. The food has been eaten, and the holidays are finally over.

But even with the in-laws gone, and all of the decorations packed away, there is still work to be done.

A recent study by comScore Inc. reported online sales up 15 percent, a grand total of $35.3 billion in sales this past November and December.

But with online buying, so too comes online returning.

Inevitably, some of your customers received gifts that weren’t on their wish lists—sweaters that were too small, too festive or too... much.

And if customers were already insulted by their mother-in-law’s fashion tastes (and all three of the festive new sweaters they received) why make them pay more to ship gifts back?

This year, let us help keep your customer’s budget on track.

With our competitive rates and lower fees and surcharges, OnTrac will get your shipment from point A to point B, hassle free.

It’s the gift that keeps giving.

OnTrac offers ground shipping that will save a transit day, and go easier on your wallet. This means you and the buyer can rest easy knowing that you are getting maximum savings—and getting rid of all those sweaters.

Want to read more about the "return season" in the shipping industry? Click here for the New York Times article.

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The Holiday Season is Here. Are You Ready to Ship?

Posted on Nov 10, 2011 1:43:00 PM

It’s about that time—Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, so it’s time to start planning. Consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to free shipping, and if you don’t offer it, comScore says you may have some reconsidering to do. According to their July 2011 survey, 82% of consumers consider free shipping “somewhat important” or “very important” when making a purchase online. Yet, only 43% of online retailers are offering free shipping as of Q2 2011. Could this be your chance to leap ahead of the competition?

ontrac winter

The eCommerce industry is booming—there’s no doubt. Since last year, online sales dollars are up 14%, the number of buyers is up 17%, and the number of online purchases is up an astounding 22%. With more people turning to the internet to get their shopping done, offering free shipping allows you to separate yourself from the competition. With trends like Free Shipping Day on the rise, can you afford not to offer free shipping?

That’s where OnTrac comes in. We’re here to help you get your shipments from point A to B, and as quickly as possible. OnTrac not only lowers your shipping costs by offering lower rates and fewer fees, but we also allow you to save a transit day over the national carriers. OnTrac Ground Service is a great option for people who don’t want to wait to get their purchases, as most shipments arrive in two days. For those who cannot wait to get their shipments, we also offer earlier deliveries with our Sunrise and Sunrise Gold services. All of our shipping services are backed by our Money-Back Service Guarantee.

Bells are ringing, children singing, and you’ve got a big smile on your face—all because you know you’re saving a sleigh-full of cash this holiday season.

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OnTrac Blog marks 100th Fan: More Peeps, More Perks!

Posted on Nov 23, 2010 4:40:00 PM

OnTrac has reached our 100th blog subscriber! As OnTrac reaches certain fan milestones, we like to reward our loyal followers by giving out great prizes.  Congratulations to Joe Lewis of Isagenix who has just won a 4GB iPod Shuffle courtesy of OnTrac. 

OnTrac Blog provides frequent updates about the company, business trends and facts about the shipping industry.  Continue to follow our blog and you will be entered to win other fabulous prizes and look for our upcoming Blog Contest in December.

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Get Your E-Business Ready for Holiday Shipping

Posted on Sep 3, 2010 10:25:00 AM
Santa looking at boxes in a warehouse

They say the early bird gets the worm, and if you're an online retailer "early" isn't measured in hours or weeks, but in months.  Holiday preparations seem to begin earlier each year and if you haven't started strategizing you may already have to play catch-up. In honor of September, here are 9 tips to help boost online sales and service this upcoming holiday season:

1. Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan

Balancing resources is a key part of a successful holiday season.  Map out how popular shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday will affect your order volume and make any necessary staffing adjustments to meet demand.  Contact your carriers and communicate expected volumes so they can allocate the best equipment and resources to meet shipping deadlines.

2. Get Social

With 50 million tweets per day, (600 per second) it's very likely that your business has already been mentioned on Twitter and other social media sites.  Use social media to not only monitor what they're saying but also to drive sales.  Consider Twitter for "secret" promotional offers for followers and prize drawings for Facebook Likes. Engage your customers in the communities they already access everyday.

3. Hello M-Commerce

"Today's generation doesn't call it a mobile phone; they call it a phone," says Google CEO Eric Schmidt.  In fact, recent research from electronics review site Retrevo discovered that 59% of consumers have shopped on their cell phones, using it as a tool to research prices, find coupons and locate retail stores.  Mobile commerce (m-commerce) isn't a phase, it's the next big thing.  Having a mobile version of your website is a way to demonstrate industry leadership and drive impulse sales this holiday season.

4. What a Deal!

Free or upgraded shipping can be a great conversion tool.  And, since you've chosen OnTrac, it doesn't break the bank.  Consider a free shipping day or free shipping on large orders as a way to seal the deal.

5. Check Out Your Checkout

As online shopping continues to grow, so do customer expectations.  Abandoned shopping carts are a big deal that often result from avoidable situations.  Focus on simplicity and openness.  Be up front about shipping charges, payment options and return policies.

6. Think Inside the Box

Capturing an order is important, but fulfilling it is crucial.  Evaluate your shipping materials and packing procedures for opportunities to not only increase cargo safety but reduce costs.  Choosing the right size box for an order could yield additional dimensional weight savings, but remember to allow space for at least a few inches of packing material on all sides.

7. Fight WISMO with Info

Online shopping removes the stress caused by malls and crowded stores, but not keeping customers in the loop could produce similar feelings.  Reduce "Where IS My Order" inquiries by incorporating OnTrac real-time tracking information into confirmation emails and order status pages.

8. Diversify

Depending on your situation and projected volumes it may be a good time to consider a 3PL.  Third-party logistics services, including the ones offered in selected OnTrac areas, can easily alleviate any additional holiday volume and may provide you other cost-cutting opportunities.

9. Time Will Tell

Hiring seasonal help is a common practice for many businesses, including OnTrac.  Take this chance to see how temporary workers perform, they may be great candidates for future part-time and full-time positions.

In the end it's about providing excellent service.  All components of your business, from shopping cart interface to order preparation and fast delivery need to echo your company's commitment to the very best, not only in online shopping but in customer service. A lasting positive experience that will set you apart well beyond the holiday season.

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