Quality Bicycle Products Expanding With OnTrac

Posted on Oct 21, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) announced that they are expanding into the Western United States with a distribution center in the Reno, NV area. QBP is a bicycle company whose goal is making the world a better place through the power of cycling. For over 30 years, they have been building and distributing products from world-class vendors in the industry to over 5,000 bike shops.

QBP currently has three distribution centers in the Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Utah. The Reno distribution center is estimated to be open by December 2015 and will be their fourth facility. OnTrac will be handling most of the next-day ground services out of their Reno facility and servicing California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. For Arizona, Oregon and Washington, these dealers should expect to receive overnight ground shipping by mid-January.

"We're very excited to be partnering with OnTrac to provide our Western dealers with overnight ground service," said Kim Brown, QBP's director of distribution. "We chose OnTrac because of its one-day service area and because they can save our customers money when shipping larger, bulkier items like bikes, car racks or helmets."

 The 75,000 square-foot warehouse strategies will be based on the order frequency in the Western region. As time progresses, the diversity of products will expand based on sales trends. QBP’s products from in-house brands will be among the first SKUs to fill the warehouse, such as Lazer, Quality Wheels and Surly.

"Offering an expanded level of service to our western U.S. dealers is a huge step forward in our ongoing commitment to serving the local bike shop," said QBP's president, Rich Tauer.  On-site sales and a customer service team will also occupy the Reno facility.

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Partnership with Colorado Rush Delivers Soccer Gear Around the World

Posted on Sep 4, 2013 4:24:00 PM

To some people, Donna Pettigrew is the woman in charge of the Events and Community Outreach Program for the Colorado Rush Soccer Club, a non-profit organization established to provide unparalleled personal growth.

She spends her days working to gather gently used soccer gear to send overseas, helping the less fortunate and instilling values into the Littleton youth.

To OnTrac's General Manager in Denver, Roy Yurt, she is an inspiration, a friend and someone worth lending a hand for.

"I worked with Donna a few years ago when the REACH program was sending soccer gear to Iraq," Yurt said. "This year, they are sending soccer gear to Africa. It’s a really great cause, and I’m happy to be a part of it."

Pettigrew started building the REACH program in 2003. After just one year, REACH was able to deliver soccer gear to 10 third-world countries and her cause aired on Good Morning America. REACH grew fast; it’s still growing and that’s due to the effort of Pettigrew and her team.

"I love pulling people together for a common cause," she said. "When we are building and improving relationships in other countries—and we are able to have all of our partners build relationships with each other, the job gets done and it gets done well."

OnTrac is proud to be a part of this noble effort. As a 100 percent for-charity effort, OnTrac has offered its vehicles to help Donna and REACH get gear from point A, being the Rush REACH facility storage in GarageTown, to point B—the US Navy. 

"OnTrac, and Roy, have always been there," Pettigrew said. "Anytime I call him and ask if he can help—we have an issue getting from point A to point B—he always steps up."

It is the vision, and the support of that vision, that enables the REACH program to remain successful. "Roy has always supported our efforts," Pettigrew said. "He believes in what we are doing, and he has proved it."

OnTrac is getting ready to do two more pickups of 80-100 boxes. We are proud to be able to support Pettigrew and the Colorado Rush in their endeavours.



About the program:
Rush Equipment Assisting Children (R.E.A.C.H.) is a program that collects used or unwanted soccer equipment from Rush and other community members to donate to underprivileged children throughout the world. From tsunami victims, to Russian orphans, to the children of war torn Iraq, all benefit from the generous donations of Rush soccer and its members.

The Colorado Rush is always looking for more donations, either through cash or slightly used soccer equipment. Visit http://www.coloradorush.com/index.php/reach.

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When Free Shipping Is Not Enough!

Posted on Oct 9, 2012 9:25:00 AM

Regional parcel carriers give you the next-day delivery edge!

Last week our Director of Business Operations, Mark Magill, spoke at the Council of Supply Chain Management, where more than 3,000 professionals in logistics and supply chain management met at the Annual Global Conference to learn how to cut supply chain costs, network with colleagues from all over the world, and discover new and innovative supply chain ideas.

Mark MagillHis presentation included information on the online retail industry and gave shippers an idea of what to do when offering free shipping is not enough.

The online retail industry passed the $200 billion mark in the 2011 revenue estimates released last month. Projections show it will grow by another 60 percent in the next five years and cross the $300 billion threshold by 2016. These are staggering figures when you consider that e-Commerce still only comprises about seven percent of retail sales.

This has had a profound impact on the parcel delivery market. An industry once dominated by the commercial segment has been inundated by business to consumer deliveries. At last count, it had exceeded 40 percent of all shipments and it is relentlessly approaching the halfway point. The fiercely competitive e-Commerce landscape has caused free shipping to become an almost standard offering on most websites. This has caused the volume of postal consolidators to spike up sharply because they are the lowest cost shipping method. But what are your alternatives when free shipping is not enough to satisfy the demands of your customers?

The seven to ten day delivery commitment offered by postal consolidators may be a satisfactory option for inexpensive items ordered online (sometimes humorously referred to as “cheap and cheerful’). But what are the realities when your customer is ordering an expensive piece of apparel like a $700 leather jacket? Is it worth the risk of buyer’s remorse with that type of high margin item? And what about the risk of shopping cart abandonment if they need the apparel for a special occasion and balk at the high cost of the express shipping option on your website? These issues become even more critical when dealing with the Generation Y/Millennial consumers who have an expectation of overnight delivery without being willing to pay extra for it.

However, there are viable solutions to these issues in major metropolitan areas of the United States. To gain a sharper insight into these solutions, let’s first examine the term Mega-region.  A Mega-region is a geographical area where a large portion of the U.S. population is concentrated. A good example of this is California. It is home to more than thirty seven million people.  Other examples are the Phoenix Sunbelt, Cascadia (the Seattle/Portland I- 5 corridor), the Front Range of Colorado and the Boston to Washington D.C. Corridor. The population of these Mega-regions totals nearly 200 million consumers and the overwhelming majority of e-Commerce deliveries are shipped to them.

The solution to your faster time in transit requirements are the regional parcel carriers that are located in most Mega-regions. These carriers have a next-day Ground delivery footprint that is much larger than that of UPS and FedEx. They offer guaranteed next-day delivery to Zone 4 destinations as far as 800 miles from point of origin. For example, with a distribution center in Reno, NV, you could provide your customers the option of, not only overnight delivery in Nevada, but overnight shipping from Seattle to Phoenix. The best part about it is these overnight deliveries are performed at Ground rates. This makes free shipping with faster time in transit a much more cost effective advantage to offer to your customers.

OnTrac Service AreaLast year I had an in-depth conversation about online delivery needs with the vice president of a very large e-Commerce company. When I asked him his opinion about regional parcel carriers, he mentioned that the regional carriers should talk about nothing but faster time in transit because it has become such a competitive factor. He wanted me to talk about , or ground shipping in Arizona. The largest Internet retailers are continually raising the bar with faster deliveries. Not every company can afford to locate a distribution center in every state, but every company that wants to remain competitive can strategically place two distribution centers in the most effective locations to take advantage of the faster time in transit that the regional parcel carriers provide. Some of the regional parcel carriers linking those Mega Regions are OnTrac in the seven largest western states, Eastern Connection in the Northeast, Lone Star Overnight in Texas and SpeeDee Delivery in the Midwest.


To learn more about our overnight delivery service, please visit any one of our OnTrac Ground information pages.

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Logistics & Online Shopping Experience [Infographic]

Posted on Jun 28, 2012 12:56:00 PM

To some, patience is a virtue, or a way of life. It keeps them calm and allows them to manage the day-to-day more effectively.

To others, waiting is a hassle, and a waste of time.

Having to wait doesn’t fit everyone’s schedule, and in a world where timing is everything, assuming a customers' patience could be costing you in more ways than you think. Online shopping is supposed to be convenient, and consumers are expecting to be able to navigate fast and effectively.

It’s the main reason people are closing out instead of checking out, or abandoning their carts.

According to a recent month-long comScore study of 3,100 respondents, each of whom were required to have made at least 2 online purchases within a 3 month period, online shoppers are for the most part satisfied, but there is definitely room for improvement.

The study also stressed the importance of logistics in the customer satisfaction equation. For instance: when comparison shopping, consumers often value shipping costs at the same weight as the actual price of the product. You may offer free shipping, but speed is just as important: 38% of shoppers want their purchases faster, and 33% of those surveyed were willing to pay a nominal fee for expedited shipping.

To learn more about how integrating a regional carrier like OnTrac into your logistics network can save you time and money, while keeping your customers happy, view the infographic below:

Download the original study: What Factors Influence the Online Shopping Experience?

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The Holiday Season is Here. Are You Ready to Ship?

Posted on Nov 10, 2011 1:43:00 PM

It’s about that time—Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, so it’s time to start planning. Consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to free shipping, and if you don’t offer it, comScore says you may have some reconsidering to do. According to their July 2011 survey, 82% of consumers consider free shipping “somewhat important” or “very important” when making a purchase online. Yet, only 43% of online retailers are offering free shipping as of Q2 2011. Could this be your chance to leap ahead of the competition?

ontrac winter

The eCommerce industry is booming—there’s no doubt. Since last year, online sales dollars are up 14%, the number of buyers is up 17%, and the number of online purchases is up an astounding 22%. With more people turning to the internet to get their shopping done, offering free shipping allows you to separate yourself from the competition. With trends like Free Shipping Day on the rise, can you afford not to offer free shipping?

That’s where OnTrac comes in. We’re here to help you get your shipments from point A to B, and as quickly as possible. OnTrac not only lowers your shipping costs by offering lower rates and fewer fees, but we also allow you to save a transit day over the national carriers. OnTrac Ground Service is a great option for people who don’t want to wait to get their purchases, as most shipments arrive in two days. For those who cannot wait to get their shipments, we also offer earlier deliveries with our Sunrise and Sunrise Gold services. All of our shipping services are backed by our Money-Back Service Guarantee.

Bells are ringing, children singing, and you’ve got a big smile on your face—all because you know you’re saving a sleigh-full of cash this holiday season.

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OnTrac in Colorado: Mile-High Service, Lower Fees!

Posted on Sep 1, 2011 2:06:00 PM

OnTrac is proud to announce the addition of Colorado to our service area! We’re offering service in the major metropolitan areas of Colorado to and from the rest of our service area—meaning your shipments get to California a full day faster than with national carriers.

OnTrac is now Serving Colorado

Adding Colorado to our service area allows you to serve more customers in more states, and at faster transit times! Colorado not only grows our service area to 7 states, but it grows our population serviced to nearly 60 million people. We also service all of California, and all the major metropolitan areas of Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah and now, Colorado. OnTrac is the solution for your regional carrier needs in the West!

With OnTrac, you know you’ll get lower fees, fewer surcharges, and faster transit times than the national carrier options. To make it even easier for you, our new Ground Service uses the same zones as national carriers, making it easier to integrate OnTrac in to your existing shipping workflow.

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In the Searing Heat, Chocolates à la Carte and OnTrac Keep it Cool.

Posted on Aug 19, 2011 12:00:00 PM

It’s hot out there, isn’t it? Shipping via ground in the heat of the summer is something that causes problems (and worry) for a lot of people. Fortunately, Chocolates à la Carte and OnTrac are taking the concern out of shipping something as delicate as chocolate in the exceptionally hot months of the summer. We spoke with them to get some insight on their revolutionary packaging techniques, and gain some knowledge that may be helpful to you as well.

OnTrac & Chocolates à la Carte


1. What kind of packaging techniques do you use to keep chocolate cold when it’s so hot out?
All of our shipments use an outer case with variations of inner cases holding the actual product.  The outers are designed to allow custom made insulated bags to be used as a liner.  The liners are rather simple, using reflective type bubble wrap.  We either use dry ice pellets bagged in zip lock bags or thin gel packs to line the space between the insulated bags and the outer shipper.

2. How did you figure these techniques out?
We actually tested the boxes with a print out thermometer in different temperature ranges with different amounts of dry ice or gel packs.  The unit prints out the interior temperature every 15 minutes.  Once graphed, we were able to determine what temperature range required what amount of ice or gel.  We are fortunate that we only require the product to stay below 68 degrees and not the low 30s for most refrigerated items.  

3. Do you have any tips for someone else who ships delicate products that need to stay cool?
Test in house first.  Stage everything needed first.  Case the items at the end or if you can, keep cases in a refrigerated environment just prior to shipment.  Ice gel packs freeze at normal freezing temperature (32 degrees) but if you get them even colder they will last longer. We use dry ice to freeze the gel packs.  Dry ice is -109.3 degrees and allows the gel packs to stay colder much longer.

Thanks to their innovative packaging techniques, Chocolates à la Carte’s products are guaranteed to arrive untouched by the searing summer heat. Shipping their products via OnTrac helps too, because we deliver their products within 2 days to our entire service area—so the package is only on the truck for a short amount of time. Shipping with OnTrac saves you time and money, now that’s sweet!

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Ground Just Got Faster With OnTrac!

Posted on Aug 5, 2011 1:56:00 PM

OnTrac is proud to announce the availability of our new ground service throughout the Western United States. Our Ground Service will provide you with time-critical and overnight deliveries at ground rates. The new service will be available to all of California, as well as all major metropolitan areas in Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Utah.

Where national carriers may take two days to deliver, we're providing next-day service. For example, a shipment from Los Angeles, CA will ship next day throughout the entire state with OnTrac, but with national carriers, most northern cities will take two days. With faster transit times, you can offer your customers a better experience without the added cost of express shipping.OnTrac Ground Service ComparisonA large portion of your shipping bill with a national carrier can be made up of fees and surcharges. We help save you money by keeping fees lower and imposing fewer surcharges. In doing so, OnTrac Ground gives you the opportunity to gain an advantage over your competition while saving money.

Our competitive rates give you the opportunity to ship your product next-day at ground rates! And what's better? We have a higher dimensional divisor, with no minimum shipping volume. OnTrac ground is also covered by our Money-Back Service Guarantee, assuring you that we stand behind our service.

Getting started with OnTrac Ground is easy. If you do not have an account, please visit our ground page to setup your FREE account today!

Already using OnTrac? Contact your local Account Executive and ask about adding OnTrac Ground as a service option for your account. Our team of IT and service professionals are ready to help you get started on saving even more on fast and reliable shipping!

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