A Day in the Life of OnTrac on Interstate-5

Posted on Jan 29, 2016 9:30:00 AM

11.29.16_OnTrac_Interstate_5_PHOTO.jpgOnTrac is the largest regional ground transportation network in the country. We rely on the road infrastructure to move our trailers through states, between facilities, and from our docks to the customer’s doorstep. Along the three Pacific Coast states, Interstate 5 is vital to our network connectivity. 

Running 1,381 miles through California, Oregon and Washington, I-5 spans all the way from the country’s busiest border crossing in San Ysidro / San Diego continuing north to the Peach Arch Border Crossing into Canada. Each day OnTrac transports freight up and down the I-5 corridor. Each section of I-5 has its unique territorial challenges. Near major metropolitan areas, heavy traffic is the biggest headache for our freight delivery teams. The I-5 bottleneck through downtown Seattle is rated the 17th worst in the entire nation. In California, the evening rush hour on I-5 Los Angeles and Orange County is the worst traffic in the state. Ask any resident in Southern California about traffic and you’re in for an ear-full. The afternoon commute from Portland across the Interstate Bridge into Southwest Washington is pure gridlock – bumper to bumper every day with an average speed of 13 mph.








While traffic gives everyone a headache, I-5 isn’t always a parking lot. If you start in Southern California and drive up and over Tejon Pass, eventually the freeway goes through long, flat, rural stretches of California’s Central Valley. Tejon Pass, elevation 4,160, is the highest point on I-5 in California and sometimes closes when severe winter weather hits. In the Central Valley, I-5 runs parallel to Hwy 99 and bypasses the region’s major population centers and therefore has less traffic. Depending on the person, this section of I-5 could be described as pleasant or desolate. On this leg of I-5, farms and fields stretch out to the East and the Coastal Mountain Range in the distance to the West.

If you keep going north on I-5 through the Sacramento Valley you start gaining back elevation. After you pass through Redding, CA, and enter the Cascade Mountain Range the increase in elevation creates some nasty winter weather. Winding roads, snow, ice, and fog slow transportation through the mountain passes. The highestpoint on I-5 is Siskiyou Summit just north of the California-Oregon border. With an elevation of 4,310 feet and steep, winding terrain, this neck of I-5 can become impassable and is often closed until the weather subsides and the roads are safe to travel. Travelers are often required to chain up and use extreme caution.

Once truckers and travelers safely pass through the Siskiyous and cruise on through Medford, OR, it is smooth driving for a few hundred miles through the Umpqua Valley and north through the Willamette Valley until you hit the major metropolitan areas of Salem and Portland. Passing over the Columbia River on the border of Oregon and Washington, the speed limit on I-5 increases to 70 MPH, making your trip a little faster! If you’re heading from Vancouver, WA to Vancouver, BC you’ll be on the road for a little over 300 miles.

Love it or hate it, I-5 is travelled for thousands of miles each day by drivers and truckers carrying OnTrac freight. This one stretch of freeway continuously spans three states and connects three different countries and hundreds of cities and towns. Next time you drive the five, consider all the folks who spend their day on the road for OnTrac!




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How to Be a Box Office Superstar and Win an iPod shuffle!

Posted on Nov 18, 2009 4:47:00 PM

Okay, you won't get a walk down the red carpet, the paparazzi won't be tripping over themselves angling for your photo, and people won't be hounding you for your autograph (at least we don't think they will).

But you can still be a box office superstar or at least a star in your office by using one of our convenient drop boxes.  And, you might win an iPod shuffle at the same time.

Whether you need overnight delivery in California or overnight delivery in Nevada or anywhere else in Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Utah we've got drop boxes conveniently located for you.  Over 1,200 of them!

Downtown LA?  More than a dozen places for you to make your Hollywood debut.  Sunny San Diego?  We've got the coast covered with more than 30 boxes.  Vegas, baby?  Odds are we've got a drop box near you.  San Francisco?  Nearly two dozen in downtown alone and dozens more throughout the Bay Area. 

Getting the Drop on High Shipping Costs

You already know our rates are amongst the lowest around.  Using one of our drop boxes, you can save even more money; in fact, save $3.95 each time your drop it in the box compared to an on-call pickup. 

They're easy to find:  Use the Drop Box Locator on our website, or call us at 800.334.5000, where we have transportation professionals waiting to help.

Get Your Glam On

To get your drop box office career started and to show you just how quick, easy and convenient using our drop boxes can be, we've cooked up a little contest for you. 

  1. Locate a drop box nearest you.  They look just like this.OnTrac Drop Box
  2. Snap a digital picture of yourself next to the box.
  3. Email the photo to us at dropbox@ontrac.com

We will pick 5 smiling faces that drop into our inbox with our drop box as your co-star.  The 5 winners will have their pictures posted on our Facebook page and email newsletter.  Plus, the winners will receive an iPod shuffle!  Hurry, we are only accepting photos on Thursday and Friday, November 19th and 20th.  Please be sure to submit contact information along with your picture.  We have to be able to get a hold of you to send you your iPod shuffle!

Now, get out there and get ready for your closeup.  Maybe there isn't an Oscar in your future, but there could be an iPod shuffle!




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