OnTrac Delivers for Newegg First Ever Pop-Up Store in Southern California

Posted on Aug 16, 2013 9:37:00 AM

This weekend, OnTrac will be supporting Newegg Inc. in their efforts to launch their first ever pop-up store August 16-18 in The Oaks shopping center in Thousand Oaks, California.

Newegg’s pop up store will be open on August 16-17 from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. PDT and on August 18 from 11a.m. – 7 p.m. PDT at 350 West Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. All merchandise purchased in the store will be eligible for free next-day shipping from Newegg’s regional shipping carrier OnTrac.


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“We are very excited to be a part of Newegg’s first ever pop up store event,” said OnTrac Vice President of Marketing Laura Peterson. “As a regional carrier, OnTrac is able to support Newegg’s efforts to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction because we are able to deliver to customers in every part of California overnight. That way, customers are able to enjoy their purchase faster, at no extra cost.”

Newegg will also offer limited-time deals and discounts to customers, including a chance to win up to 30 percent off purchases made in-store. For the early bird shoppers, the first 100 customers to come by the store on each day will receive a free gift.

OnTrac became one of Newegg’s shipping carriers in fall 2012 and has since worked to help provide more efficient shipping and faster transit time for Newegg’s customers.

“Newegg has always looked for better ways to serve our customers,” reports Kunal Thakkar, VP of Operations for Newegg Inc. “One of the biggest reasons to select OnTrac as our regional carrier partner was because it helped us reduce our shipping costs, which we are able to pass on to our customers.”

The Newegg shopping experience is unique in that they rely not only on the expertise of their employees, but also the expertise of their online community with a significant online presence including 2.6 million product reviews. Newegg Inc. has invested a lot of resources into not only maintaining, but being innovative with their technology and platform.

It is the high demand for the products Newegg sells that makes their method of delivery so important. OnTrac’s regional hub-and-spoke model enables us to deliver in less time with less cost to the customer.

“Having a diverse shipping portfolio enables companies to save money by allowing them to be strategic with their deliveries,” Laura Peterson, Vice President of Marketing said. “In the West, OnTrac is able to save companies time in transit, which decreases cost and increases customer satisfaction.”

From Los Angeles, OnTrac is able to deliver to every ZIP Code in California and the major metropolitan areas of Arizona and Nevada overnight, with two-day shipping to the rest of our service area.

“OnTrac has met the needs of our company by giving us flexibility, by providing a reliable service—a fast service, to our customers,” Thakkar said. “They’ve met both of the biggest purposes of eCommerce shipping: lower cost and faster time-in-transit. OnTrac has gone that extra mile—they’ve made our customers happier and they’ve exceeded our expectations.”

Since the partnership began, OnTrac has been able to significantly reduce Newegg’s transportation expenses while simultaneously giving them faster time in transit at Ground Rates.  OnTrac looks forward to its continued partnership with Newegg and the opportunity to provide the company with faster delivery times at lower prices.

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OnTrac Growth Leads to Expansion, Jobs in California

Posted on Apr 2, 2013 1:27:00 PM

Due to rapid growth, OnTrac, the leader in regional overnight package delivery, is expanding its Southern California market. Its Commerce facility has moved into a building that is six times larger than its previous operation. 

“The Commerce facility helps to reduce the time and distance our service providers have to travel in order to make deliveries, which in turn gets packages to our customers in a more expedient and efficient manner,” said OnTrac Vice President of Operations Mark Cronkrite, “In today’s economy, many customers are looking to save both time and money.  Regional carriers help with both and this new facility solidifies that.”

OnTrac Facility Conveyer

The flagship building hired almost 50 new sorters throughout December and January and now employs 128 local residents who operate a full material handling system. The operation includes three times as many dock doors, enabling OnTrac to move packages more efficiently and offer its customers faster service, while a 165 foot truck turning radius, 59 high dock positions, a 100 percent concrete truck court, two large ground level ramps, abundant trailer storage and a central Los Angeles location will enable this new facility to increase productivity.

The OnTrac Commerce facility resides at the following address:

5959 Randolph Street

Commerce, CA


Faster deliveries and more aggressive rates are a welcome concept for any business these days.  This upgrade comes as a direct response to the increasing number of businesses choosing OnTrac for all their overnight, guaranteed delivery needs.  OnTrac is proud to offer the highest quality of service at the most competitive rates. 

About OnTrac

OnTrac is a Phoenix, Arizona based company that provides overnight shipping at ground rates to businesses and consumers in the major metropolitan areas of California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Idaho. The three divisions of OnTrac, Overnight, Messenger and now International, offer customers a broad range of services and encompass an extensive geographical area. OnTrac has supported each one of our shipments with a Money Back Service Guarantee since we started our overnight division in 1991. As a SmartWay partner, OnTrac promises to do its part to save the environment, getting your shipments there with cleaner air.  For more information on OnTrac, please call 800.334.5000 or visit us online at ontrac.com.

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