Regional Carriers Can Boost Your Business in All the Right Places!

Posted on Jul 19, 2011 4:27:00 PM

Mark Magill, Director of Business Development at OnTrac, is interviewed by Russell Goodman of Supply Chain Brain. He offers a breakdown of the current status of the shipping industry, and why your shipping rates with national carriers are going up. Watch the video for a look at the current status of the shipping industry, and the change in focus from the national carriers that is leading to your shipping rates going up.


Click here to watch Mark’s full interview.

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Staying Cool: Summer Shipping Tips

Posted on Jul 6, 2010 9:57:00 AM

OnTrac delivery truck

It's officially summer!  If you live in, or ship to the desert Southwest it's time to factor triple-digit degrees into your temperature-sensitive residential deliveries.

Most shipments may endure the heat, but chances are Fido's medication or the box of bonbons won't fare as well as they safely wait for the recipient to return from work.

Luckily, avoiding high-temperature situations is easy with OnTrac.  Both shippers and receivers have tools and options available to protect deliveries from the seasonal heat wave.

:: Shippers ::

Delivery Instructions

If your products can't stand the heat, get them out of the kitchen with the delivery instructions.  Use the waybill field to inform the OnTrac Service Provider of any special placement arrangements you've made with the recipient.

Signature Required

At no additional cost, this feature tells the Service Provider that the shipment must be signed for by someone at the delivery address.  If no one's available, a door tag is left, giving the recipient delivery options, including an area to communicate special delivery instructions.

Email Notification

In this day and age of smartphones, an email may be the fastest way to reach your customer.  Email notification not only notifies the recipient of the proof of delivery but also allows you to share the shipment's information when the waybill is created.   Receiving the tracking details before the delivery gives the recipient time to make arrangements if needed.

:: Recipients ::

Ship it to the Office

Subtract sleeping and weekends and you probably spend more time at the office than you do at home.  Plus, your office probably has a receiving department.  Even if you're not available, your shipment will be better protected from the elements in an office than if left outside.

Deliver it to the Neighbor

Good packages make good neighbors, sort of.  If you know your neighbor will be available the day of the delivery, contact OnTrac" href="" target="_self">contact OnTrac with the details and the Service Provider will be glad to deliver it next door.

Go for Gold

By upgrading to a premium service your delivery will arrive early AM, probably before you leave for work.  OnTrac Gold service is up to 50% less expensive than the early AM services offered by national carriers.  And, it has an earlier guaranteed delivery time, too.  Check the OnTrac website" href="" target="_self">OnTrac website or ZIP Code Guide" href="" target="_self">ZIP Code Guide for the exact delivery time for your ZIP.

Bottom line, you've got choices with OnTrac.  Flexibility and a "can do" attitude is what we're known for and delivering customized shipping solutions is what we do best; just let us know how we can help" href="" target="_self">let us know how we can help.

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