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Posted on Jul 1, 2014 2:05:00 PM

What is a Multi-Carrier Software Provider?

Multi-Carrier Software Providers

help to make shipping efficient by planning and executing shipment deliveries across the supply chain. With one source to manage all shipping vendors, users can build custom rules based on rates and time in transit; helping to reduce costs and offering a better customer experience.  

We are proud of our partnerships with the most popular Multi-Carrier Software Providers , who support certified OnTrac Shipping Modules. For a complete list of the OnTrac supported shipping modules please visit

If you are not currently utilizing a Multi-Carrier Software we encourage you to investigate your options. The holidays are just around the corner, adding in a shipping software solution NOW will make peak season easier to manage.  

OnTrac Vice President of Business Development Mark Magill noted that guaranteed next-day delivery at Ground rates to Zone 4 destinations that are 500-600 miles from your distribution center means that next peak season, when Christmas is on a Thursday, a regional parcel carrier can pick your shipments up on Tuesday December 23 and deliver them on Christmas Eve, just as they do the other 249 shipping days of the year.

This will happen even if the pick-up point is in Boston and your customer is located in Washington, DC. In fact, to enhance their service offering (and your customer experience), some large regional parcel carriers are even providing Sunday (Ground) pickups with Monday delivery!

This will be especially helpful in years when there are fewer shipping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. (Keep in mind that in 2013, there were 17 shipping days in that time period and this year there will still only be 18).

It is time to start planning for the upcoming holiday season. By adding Regional Carriers and a Multi-Carrier Software solution to your operation, efficiencies will be improved and cost will be reduced.


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OnTrac Partners with RateLinx

Posted on Nov 6, 2013 3:19:00 PM

RateLinx Logo

We are happy to announce RateLinx as the newest partner added to our Multi-Carrier Software Provider page at

More and more software companies of transportation management systems see the value in supporting and partnering with Regional Carriers. We are happy to cross market RateLinx on our website.

Existing customers, The Control Group and Louis & Company, are using ShipLinx software via a compliant OnTrac shipping module. Currently Northern Account Executive Larry Crook’s customer, Nasco, is in the final stages of integration and will be going live at the end of October.

RateLinx is a supply chain technology & solutions provider for shippers focusing on optimization strategies and real-time analytics through advanced proprietary shipping and logistics software tools and professional services. Founded in 2002, RateLinx has experienced growth with the success of its manufacturing, distribution, wholesale and retail partners.

The RateLinx Integrated Solution includes ShipLinx™ a multimodal Multi-Carrier planning and execution tool, fully certified with all small parcel carriers. Their focus is on Big Data Intelligence, Transportation Optimization and Sourcing Visibility.

The Supply Chain Big Data Strategy leverages all shipment and invoice records to accurately predict future supply chain results and performance based on a wide variety of dynamic variables.

For more information, visit

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Posted on Apr 2, 2013 1:23:00 PM is a leading manufacturer and distributor of shipping supplies online. The company serves retail, wholesale, and distributor markets throughout North America.  Their factory direct sales model has been well received by their customers that typically save 35% or more by skipping traditional distribution channel markups. They offer a full product line of in-stock ready to ship supplies, boxes, tape, bubble wrap, shipping labels, and more.

But that’s not all.

They also offer their customers custom packaging options where shippers can print their company logo on their packaging supplies.

“We started manufacturing a few different product lines to give us an entry into the marketplace, from there, we kept growing it” Operations Director Tam Kaccem said. “Though we manufacturer many items, we’re more famous for our Bubble Envelope lines.”

As a packaging manufacturer, prides itself on its ability to bring flexibility and speed to businesses seeking their products and services.

“Business is great,” Kaccem said. “We’re growing year over year which has been a blessing.  The more customers that find out about us, the more we grow. Adding manufacturing has been a big contributor to our success.  It seems like the word is out about what we can offer, but we’re still rather new in the industry compared to some of our competitors that have been in business for more than 50 years.”

As their customer base grows and industry demands change, it’s important that grows and changes with them. That’s why in 2006, they started using ShipWorks, a multicarrier software provider that allows clients to ship faster, work smarter, save time and reduce cost.

“I can’t say enough, honestly,”Kaccem said. “ShipWorks has a real product. They have enough support to handle the ever changing protocols of the internet. They’re up to speed with all the new rules and regulations for each and every market.  I’m really impressed with what they’ve done with their software. It’s been a lifesaver for our company.”


Merchants can connect ShipWorks to multiple sales channels and download orders into a single system where they can be reviewed and prepared for shipping. ShipWorks simplifies shipment processing by automatically configuring shipments based on rules specific to each business.

The software can batch print thousands of shipping labels at one time, print fully-branded packing slip documents, send email notifications with order status details, and update tracking information to each marketplace.

“What took us 8 hours without ShipWorks now takes us 30 minutes,” General Manager James Mecham said. “And it is error free.”

With 40 percent of’s business in the Western part of the United States, OnTrac’s regional service area is a perfect fit; and the new OnTrac integration into the ShipWorks Shipping software further streamlines their operation.   

“The main thing for us is the filtering,” Mecham said. “Honestly, ShipWorks is a great match for what the regional carriers are doing with certain states and ZIP codes. They know what shipments go with OnTrac. That way there’s no manual decision making when it comes time to shipping orders. It takes that potential error out of the equation.”

The addition of OnTrac support in ShipWorks provides instant access to a variety of regional shipping options that are extremely competitive in terms of delivery time and cost.

“It has saved us a lot of time,” Mecham said. “Before, we had to run the OnTrac software on the computer alongside ShipWorks, where we were typing in the info and then processing it. Now, it’s all integrated and it’s a time saver for us.” recent decision to relocate to a bigger facility in Sacramento confirms the success of the partnership. The new, 80,000 square foot building, gives the opportunity to reach 7 of the 8 states in the OnTrac service area overnight.

“All the carriers are built into the software,” Mecham said. “If you want to choose different carriers they’re all there for you. It’s one central junction point through multiple websites. All of those orders get pulled into ShipWorks and they can all be processed. ShipWorks automatically update through their API, which is great.”

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