Five WebOnTrac Features that Improve Customer Service

Posted on Mar 26, 2010 12:16:00 AM

"Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game." -Tony Allesandra, motivational speaker and author 

Tony isn't kidding. A recent 16-country survey found that poor customer service is costing about $338.5 billion per year. Why? Long waits, lack of required skills and needless repetition. Add the current economic mess and that number could get a whole lot bigger.

What does this have to do with package delivery? Shipping companies not only influence customer service with on-time arrivals but also by providing easy-to-use tools and workflows that speed-up package preparation and reduce delivery problems. A faster, more accurate shipping operation keeps customers happy and lowers operational costs.
WebOnTrac, the OnTrac(SM) web-based desktop shipping application, delivers just that. Its non-intimidating workspace does a whole lot more than print shipping labels online.  Here are five WebOnTrac gems that streamline parcel shipping and add to your customer's service experience.

Email Notification
Email notification is a great way to keep a customer in the loop about their overnight package. OnTrac separates e-notifications in two ways:  Shipment and Delivery. Check "Shipment" and you'll share the generated tracking number and destination details. Check "Delivery" to share the time your shipment arrived and the P.O.D. (Proof Of Delivery) information, i.e. the signature. Better yet, check both.

WebOnTrac Email Notification

Save Delivery Addresses on the Fly
Repeat business is bliss. And if there's a chance you may ship to a recipient again, use the "Save Address" feature on the bottom of the "New Shipment" screen. Name the code whatever you'd like: company name, customer number, etc. Saving the address speeds up future waybill printing.

WebOnTrac Save Addres

Special Delivery Instructions
GPS devices tremble in the presence of an OnTrac Driver (a.k.a. Service Provider). They know the ins, outs and in-betweens of their entire delivery area. What they don't know is that the recipient's gate code is mom's birthdate or that deliveries need to be placed inside the red wicker basket around the corner. Spend 30 seconds asking for and adding special delivery instructions. It ensures a smooth delivery and eliminates additional phone calls.

WebOnTrac Delivery Instructions

One-Click Return Labels
Sure, no one likes to process returns but it's part of business. Prepare for it by using the one-click return waybill link displayed below the populated waybill. The "To" and "From" get flipped, giving you the return shipping document. Include it inside the delivery for the "just in case" approach or keep a PDF version on file should the customer contact you for a return. There's no extra charge to generate a return waybill, you're only invoiced if it's used.

WebOnTrac Return Waybill

Reference Fields
One back-end perk you may not know about is that OnTrac can sort your invoice by the reference number. Depending on how you handle billing, a reference-sorted invoice could save you time.

But you don't have to get bogged down with numbers. The reference field is limited only by your creativity and can be used for anything: order numbers, promotional codes, your URL, you name it. It's a great way to add to the label.

WebOnTrac Reference Field

Take time to explore WebOnTrac and its features. You’ll be pleasantly surprised (and so will your customers).


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